Haying the Cows

| 2/11/2014 1:22:00 PM

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Winter Landscape of Stoffels Family Farm

Amanda StoffelsI feel like I am one more skill closer to being an official farmer this month. I am proud to say that I was able to hay the cows with limited help from my husband! I know that putting hay out is a necessity, but I've never had the full amount of respect for this chore until now. I have always been the trusty assistant who helps pull the bailing twine off the hay bales up by the barn and even roll the hay rings over to the new bale, but the actual tractor driving has always been left up to my husband.  

Don't get me wrong, I have mowed a number of acres myself, but driving in long straight rows to then gradually turn around all in one section of a flat field is nothing compared to all the skill it takes to put out the hay. So when my husband pointed to the tractor and said, "You're putting out the hay today." Joy, excitement and panic all set in at the same time.  

Now our trusty tractor, "Old Yeller," has been a great addition to the farm. This 1972 Ford Tractor, minus its muffler and padded seat, and with its fading yellow paint, is still going strong. You can imagine the thought process going through my head as my husband explains to me, a driver of an automatic SUV, how to drive a manual tractor. Shifting, clutch, brake, gears, and driving in slow or fast gear were all phrases that broadened my tractor driving knowledge.  

Driving the tractor solo 

2/16/2014 9:59:16 AM

Amanda, farm machinery skills can be scary for those that haven't been raised with them. Kudos to you for over coming those fears and conquering the haying of the cattle in scary places. I can't remember the first time I rode on a tractor or the first time I steered the tractor from my uncle's lap. I do know it was great experience for later years when it came time to get a real driver's license. ***** Have a great Haying the cows day.

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