From Plan A to Plan H

| 8/8/2014 11:11:00 AM

April FreemanOne thing I’ve learned through the years in farming is the value of flexibility. It’s not that we’re not invested in making plans for the farm. It’s more we’ve learned that when you are dealing with plants, animals and other natural processes, you can’t always force things to work out the way you had in mind.

My dairy cow project is a prime example of this.

Plan A.

Back in 2011, I wanted a Jersey cow. The Man of the House scoured the ads and finally found a pair of bred heifers at a price that we could afford. We bought Dolly and Blossom, and I worked at training them to a halter and calming them in the stanchion.

They both gave birth, and I was ecstatic. My enthusiasm was short-lived because several days after giving birth, Dolly fell while on a tether line and broke her neck.