Farm Living

| 10/24/2014 9:08:00 AM

Lee Ann

Farming is in no way for the weak or faint of heart. Period. That's just a fact.

Although this beautiful newborn, Rocket, will just about melt your heart, she has had a tough start in life.

It's because of the blessings like this little one that we continue to farm.

I can remember visiting farms as a little girl. The cows looked so pretty out in the field. They came up to the gate that I hung on, and licked my hand as I just watched the herd relax and chew their cud. As we drove around the country, horses grazed peacefully in the pastures, and the chickens ran around clucking their happiness.

What a dream world, what a perfect way to live, I thought!

Well, do I still think farming is a perfect way to live? ABSOLUTELY!