My Homestead Rescue Cat

| 8/27/2015 2:55:00 PM

Faithful HomesteaderPersonally, I think every homestead could benefit from a cat, but I know not everyone can be a cat person. Our rescue cat brings a lot of joy to our lives. When I lost my cat of 14 years, it was a hard time for me. She had been there through most of my adult life. My husband had always been a dog person, but we decided that it was not practical for our lifestyle at the time.

We were going to wait to get another cat until we had bought our house, but one day my husband unexpectedly said we were going to get a cat. He claims it was for me, but I really was OK waiting until we had our own home. He started searching on, and he was struck by one cat that had two black dots on her nose. The dots made her look like she had a pig nose. He thought it gave her character.

It is hard to resist such cuteness.

It is hard to resist such cuteness.

We set up a time to meet the cat, but I found her to be a bit standoffish. There was another friendlier cat, but my husband really had his heart set on the pig-nosed cat. We were told that we could take her home on a trial basis. We agreed to take her, but I really could not imagine returning an animal.

I think she could make some good bread with those kneading skills.