Kitty Condo Food Dilemma


Nancy AddieIt is amazing how the bellowing of hungry animals can be heard despite no perceptible sound. It is as if I can feel their collective staring eyes boring holes through the walls of the house until I respond with demanded food. Tonight was no different. I go to the barn to feed my supposedly starving animals and look over my 5-foot-high kitty condo tree where I feed my kitties. I usually put their food up there so the chickens don’t beat them to it. Of course, it doesn’t always work as our chickens sense cat kibbles, the goat grain and all llama munchies. If there’s food anywhere within 10 miles, those chickens will find it!

As I approach the cat dish to see if it needed filling up, I notice an unfamiliar and odd furry cat with its back to me, head buried deep in the yummy kitty nibbles. My first thought is, “what is wrong with that cat’s fur, it’s shiny and gray? I don’t remember any of the barn kitties being so odd.” I go over to see the “kitty,” and he turns around to glare at me with beady little eyes and a not-so-cute hiss complete with a gaping toothy grimace! It’s a possum!! I internally scream, “WHAT??!!” My boy kitty is sitting up there with him like they are buddies or something!

It is a young possum, and I relent as I see he is kind of cute, with squinted eyes and a big-boy bravado! He just sat there, with my cat curiously watching, daring me to chase him away. I loudly say to Boy Kitty, “Come on! This is why I hired you! To keep the riff raff away! Now do your job!!” He yawned! He really did, he actually yawned. The friendly possum then let his body go limp, hanging his head over the side as the kitty sat next to him. He was 'playing possum' with me! After about a minute, he realized that I wasn't going to hit him over the head and straightened up, going back to munching away with Boy Kitty! I roll my eyes and turn, thinking this is one for Superfarmer to handle. As I leave, I look over my shoulder to see my boy kitty and his new bud sitting on top of the cat condo sharing a nice dinner. Oh brother. Such is life on Addie Acres. True story!!!

chicken eating cat foodKitty Condo Food  Dilemma

12/23/2019 6:38:05 PM

Possums are marsupials not rodents or rats. They eat bugs including ticks, and have never stayed around long enough to cause us any trouble for us.

5/11/2014 8:03:54 AM

Nancy, so much for the guard cat. Possum's can be quite a nuisance, can't they. I suspect he/she will be back. My thoughts about O' Possums are that they are nothing more than a big rat. I afraid that I don't share your kind of Possum cuteness thoughts. I have found them in garbage cans, dumpsters, and gardens. You missed your chance. When they play dead, a quick move to pick them up by the tail is a safe way to either relocate them or dispose of them. When holding them up off the ground by the tail they can't reach you with those sharp teeth. I'm sure you will see more of that bugger if action is not taken. Good luck with your Possum control. ***** Have a great Condo Food Dilemma day.

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