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| 12/29/2011 7:04:52 PM

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Christine Byrne head shotThe hatchery catalog arrived in January while the snow was piling up outside. It was perfect timing. The hubbub of the holidays was over and we had plenty of time to make plans for the coming spring. My Dad and I perused the catalog trying to decide which of the different breeds of poultry we would like to raise. He wanted the practical egg layers. I, being ten years old at the time, wanted the fancy chickens with the funky hairdos. We settled for a little of both and added a few of the green-egg-laying Easter Egger chickens just for fun.

The weeks passed and the weather warmed. One weekday morning, bright and early before the sun even came up, the telephone rang. “Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, this is Gladys at the post office,” she said.

“Hi Gladys.”

“Can you tell your Dad he has a package here?”

“Um, sure thing, I’ll have him stop on his way home from work."

1/3/2012 11:31:28 PM

Christine, that is a great story. Now you are passing that memory on to the next generation. Family traditions are a wonderful thing. I'm glad to eventually got to keep the last order of chickens from your Dad. It will be a sad day when the last chicken he ordered is gone. City folks are funny to watch when they come to the farm. Of course I've had both lives and if I could choose, I would choose without hesitation the country life. I have to be satisfied with the Urban life in my retired years. The dream of a country acreage is long gone but that does not mean that I can't dig in the dirt and purchase a lot to expand gardening which I have done. The potential of 35 more garden beds looms in the future three years to keep me quite busy in my retired years. So now you have once again started with chickens. What will be the next animal added to the re establishing of the petting zoo? :0) Have a great country day.

1/3/2012 9:41:40 PM

Beautiful story, Christine. Thank you for sharing it.

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