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| 11/20/2009 4:58:31 PM

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Rachel the goat

Our new little goat, Rachael, is fitting right in.

Rachel on the run

Upon bringing her home, both Rustic Russ and I began "talking" to her as her mother would.

Low, reassuring Baaaaa.

Rachael flying

robyn dolan
11/30/2009 8:43:05 AM

LOL! I love the Flying Goat. My family used to make fun of me for "talking" to the goats. But it works!

sherry 'woodswoman'
11/27/2009 9:20:01 AM

Thanks Cindy, Jennifer, and RP. ;) She's a keeper! We look forward to a long, enriched life with Rachael.

rodeo princess
11/27/2009 8:35:21 AM

Adorable. Totally!

jennifer nemec
11/24/2009 4:54:38 PM

Sherry, that goat is so dang cute! Love the big floppy ears!

cindy murphy
11/24/2009 6:03:45 AM

Sherry, how adorable she is! I absolutely love the second photo - she just looks as if she's having so much fun with life in general. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

sherry 'woodswoman'
11/23/2009 11:12:31 AM

Thanks Vickie ~ she's a sweet little gal. It's so funny how my husband will call her and even if she's eating, she "talks" back, while chewing. If she is in danger, he will add an urgency to the call and she comes running. Even today, months later, she is truly "joined at the hip". ;)

11/21/2009 9:16:41 PM

Your little goat is just too cute. The pictures were great! vickie

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