Build A Chicken House Part 2

| 11/19/2008 8:51:00 AM

Lingering scent of skunk not withstanding, I was up bright and early last Sunday to see how far I could get with the chicken-house-built-from-scraps project I started Saturday.

Chicken House Raising

The house’s base was constructed with 2X6 dimensional lumber and ¾-inch plywood. It was an entrance ramp in its former life, after all. We made the nest boxes with some ½-inch plywood (painted green on one side), some once-lovely spruce molding, and slats that once decked a pallet. I used exterior-grade “drywall” screws and roofing nails to do the nest-box fastening.

Careful Measuring

The first step on Sunday was to attach the nesting box structure to the floor with a couple of 2x4 cleats screwed to both the floor and the nest box. Next, I attached a 4x8 sheet of ¾-inch plywood (green paint side out) to the back of the house. I screwed it to the edge of the platform and the nest box, and I built a non-conventional 2x6 frame for the back wall and attached it to the floor and the back wall. You might be wondering why I am using 2x6 lumber for the framing … it is simply that we have about a ton of lovely used 2x6s, 2x8s and 2x12s stacked in the barn … and not a single full-length 2x4 in sight.

A Little Help From Clover

Hank Will_2
11/20/2008 8:04:29 AM

It was really lucky, Robyn. I was contemplating making windows with some large glass panes I found in a corner ... but cutting glass isn't my thing and I would have had to figure out some other ventilation mechanism. The windows were behind a pile of scrap 1X4s ... I discovered them while rooting around for some 2X4s.

Robyn Dolan
11/20/2008 7:33:30 AM

How lucky is that?! Two matching storm windows stashed with the scrap. Cool.