Breakfast on the Homestead

| 2/22/2013 11:07:56 AM

It is finally a clear sunny day on the homestead.  It has been rainy, freezing and altogether dreary.  They are again calling for a wintry mix tomorrow.  However, with the last frost of the season date about a month away, I know winter is well on its way out.

The next few days brings a tough work schedule as I am working two more days this week and one day off with the next day switching to my night shift schedule for several shifts.  It has been a long week already, so I am trying to hold on to a positive attitude through these next few days.

Everyone seemed particularly bright this morning when I stepped out into the fresh air.  The sun shone brightly on the screaming goats and restless chickens throwing themselves into the coop door.  As if I wasn’t already fully aware they are not pleased being in their coop when its obviously not night time.  I brought down several treats for everyone including a leftover sweet bundt cake and raisin bagels.  The pigs thoroughly enjoyed an appetizer of coffee cake before their grain.


The girls scrambled to be the first to partake in the raisin bagels, it typically involves one hen snatching a bite and running for her life while others chase her down.

The goats are the most pushy eaters, they will jump and strategically try and trip you to get to the food faster, you have to pay close attention to these troublemakers during breakfast.  
Since the hens made sure Princess would get none of the raisin bagels, she mosied on over to her favorite private dining area, the compost bin.  She slips in between the cracks and has a feast in peace.
Jealous girls try to snatch what they can from the outside…
After everyone is content with their breakfast, I get to enjoy some of my own.

I love the circular beauty of taking care of animals and they in turn take care of you.