Black Ruby

| 7/22/2012 11:40:02 PM

A photo of Diane…no more can I claim scientific accuracy when bandying about the accusation ‘stubborn as a mule’. Not after hubby Bill (a.k.a. The Peanut Gallery) pointed out an amazing article discussing one Black Ruby, the best racing mule in history – and a rural Sonoma County, California  native.

You heard right. ‘Racing’ and ‘mule’ have NEVER been paired, in my book. Indeed, over the decades I’ve cultivated quite a different picture of a mule as being: obstinate, stubborn, plodding, poky, and downright ornery.

“A LOT like you,” observed The Peanut Gallery kindly. And pointedly.

I acquiesce even as I take exception to the ‘plodding and poky’ piece.

But apparently Black Ruby is the Secretariat of mules – and more. ‘More’ because Secretariat never won 57 races, didn’t hold the world record at three distances, and was never named the champion of his breed.

Black Ruby was able, in one fell swoop, to totally change my perspective on mules – and my hitherto lack of affection for them.