Harvesting with a Honey Extractor (Video)

Learn how to efficiently uncap frames and use a honey extractor for your best harvest ever.

From Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Beekeepers enjoy taking advantage of the fact that the honey bee will store more honey than the colony will consume throughout the year. A typical hive can store a surplus of 60 to 80 pounds of honey in favorable conditions. Those that have set their goals on harvesting, extracting, filtering and bottling this sweet liquid, here are some helpful tips:

There are many tools to choose from when beekeepers get to the point where they are ready to uncap and extract their honey. The number of frames you are uncapping and the time you want to spend during this step is dependent upon the method you should proceed with.

The tool that Shane Gebauer, president of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, showcases in the video is the Rolling Uncapper. A Rolling Uncapper will roll over the capped honey and pierce the cappings.