Become a Beekeeper in 2017!

| 2/16/2017 10:30:00 AM

Windy Meadows FarmBeekeeping ... I've always been a bit curious about this somewhat mysterious hobby. My uncle was a beekeeper, and I remember growing up we were gifted many mason jars filled with delicious liquid gold. 

Several years ago my neighbor became a beekeeper, and I soon found myself enjoying the sweet rewards of her labors. Mmmm ... honey drizzled over warm slices of homemade bread or biscuits. Again, I became curious about bees, and I soon watched her (from a distance) as she worked her hives. I began asking questions.

It wasn't long before I joined our local beekeeping club and attended their beginning classes. So much to learn, so much to remember. Could I do it?

As spring rolled around, the kids began to ask, "What do you want for your birthday?" I finally said, "You know, this year I want a beehive!"

And that's how it began — scouring catalogs for a beekeeper's suit, gloves, veil, smoker, tools, and hive kit. Reading all I could get my hands on and armed with the promise that my good neighbor would mentor me, I ordered my first set of bees.

It was exciting. they were delivered late in the evening. I woke up the next morning ready to follow the steps I'd learned. It was true. I was a beekeeper!