Beasts That Go 'Bump' In the Night

| 7/9/2012 12:01:20 AM

A photo of DianeThere’s a reason why I wear earplugs to bed in a rural environment (my house sits smack in the middle of 2.5 acres): and that’s the array of nocturnal buddies who all want to ‘friend me’, vocally, at midnight.

Last night The Peanut Gallery (hubby Bill) gave me a series of increasingly urgent pokes ‘till I awake from REM sleep.

“Are you awake??” he hissed.

Yeah, NOW I am…but I had to pull das earplugs out to complete the transition from REM to MAD.

“Listen to THAT!” he continued. Silence lengthened like the bad mood I was suddenly cultivating.

“It was HUGE. It was right outside our window. It started with a low bark, was silent for a few minutes, then repeated its call in a falsetto whistle.”

7/12/2012 2:29:08 PM

Diane, night sounds in the country can be disconcerting. I kind enjoy the night sounds when I can hear them. I started life in the country so it's not a threat to hear the nocturnal sounds of the night shade kingdom for me. Us guys do have the protector gene instilled in us at birth. When it rises up we just can't help but try to protect those we love. He's just doing what comes naturally. Have a great country night slumber.