Basic Stone Masonry

| 4/1/2013 2:59:45 PM

This past Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful day spent with friends and family. I sheared 4 of our 7 Angora goats and we boiled down the last 45 gallons of maple sap into syrup. (For more reading on this, visit my post Sugar Bush Season.)

Our current set up to boil down the sap consists of a box made of stacked cinder blocks. We make a fire inside and place a tray that Zach welded out of stainless steel on top to hold the boiling sap. While this set up works wonderfully, it lacks character. We’ve often talked about building a permanent outdoor sugar shack that could double as a cooking area. I would love the exterior surface to be covered in rustic cut stone, but stone can be expensive to purchase.

 Stone Masonry Tools 

One of our friends who joined us last Saturday for the sap boiling, works in stone masonry. Knowing our interest, he gave us a small demonstration on how to make a basic split in a stone.  

To begin, he selected a stone from our yard that was somewhat rectangular.  

 Measuring the Stone