Bacon 'n Eggs

| 1/23/2013 11:22:30 AM

A photo of DianeWe own no domestic animals on our Back 40 - supposedly because we want to 'keep it wild' but ALSO because neither of us are good at animal tendin'.

That doesn't mean I don't get tempted from time to time - but sometimes I believe it's by the idea more than the reality.

For example, I could start small, with the acquisition of a pot-bellied pig and a chicken.

When one owns pets, one has license to fly with their names. Livestock are no different.

I would name the pig 'Ham' and the chicken 'Eggs', so that in the morning I could awaken neighbors with the feeding call of 'Ham 'n Eggs: come and get it!"

I had believed my notion unique: so imagine my surprise when i discovered some of my rural neighbors more serious about 4H indeed chose names (if they named at all) relating to food.

1/29/2013 10:38:27 PM

Diane, you crack me up. Yes, pun intended. Most of our farm animals had a nick name like Itty Bit the milk cow because she was the cuttiest little Jersey cow among a herd of holsteins. Then there was Ice Cube, a bull calf, that was born in the dead cold of winter and froze the tips of his ears off. Of course Porky had to be a pig. Then there was the Colonel as in Sanders which was a rooster. He didn't have a mustache or a beard. It just goes with naming an animal to match it up with something that identifies their personality or charactor. Have a great day thinking about animal names.