The American Copper Butterfly

Follow the metamorphosis of an American Copper caterpillar into a tiny, fast-flying and playful butterfly.

By Judy Burris and Wayne Richards 

Tiny insects are living extraordinary lives right in your backyard. With up-close photography and personal field notes, The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs (Storey Publishing, 2011) by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards reveals an amazing world that many of us never see. This thrilling glimpse into the activities going on in every backyard will surprise and captivate nature lovers of all ages.

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American Copper Butterfly

Order: Lycaena phlaeas

We first sighted this small, erratic, fast-flying butterfly while on one of our many photo adventures, and noticed that it kept visiting a small patch of weeds. Upon very close inspection — on our hands and knees, with noses almost touching the ground — we found some white dots that we hoped were eggs, and collected the leaves.