Alpaca and Llama Tales From the Barnyard

| 2/7/2012 9:43:24 AM

 “Awe, man, somebody ate all the good stuff,” said Frankie.


“I’ll bet it was that new girl, Minnie. She’s a pig. Have you ever seen a woman eat like that? I mean, come on.”


(the room grows silent)

“She’s right behind me isn’t she?”


“Oh! Hello, Minnie. I didn’t see you there.”  


2/9/2012 11:05:40 PM

There are a couple of us here now with alpacas, I'm sure you'll get a chance to learn more than you ever really wanted to know. :)

2/9/2012 5:38:01 PM

Thanks for the giggle! Great story from the animals. :) I'm really interested in learning about alpacas. Hope you'll share more about them and how to get started. From a fellow blogger, A Wanna Be Pioneer

2/8/2012 3:09:20 AM

Christine, great dialog to fit the pictures. It's really fun to make up stories about the animal interaction in the barnyard, isn't it. I too like to animate things. Cars, snowblower, truck, chainsaw, all have names and stories. Keep those barnyard stories coming. Have a great Alpaca/Llama day.