Adding Color to Recycled Mulefoot Pig and Chicken Houses

| 12/16/2008 7:29:00 AM

Painted Mulefoot Pig House

Last weekend, the weather in Osage county was balmy enough that I decided to go ahead and stain the Mulefoot pig shelter and the chicken house we built from scraps. Kate had kindly made the trip to town to pick up a gallon each of red Rustoleum, green stain and white stain. The stains are actually heavy latex Behr stains that will cover paint and other stains. Kate had the paint store match the green with the color on a scrap of plywood left over when I made the Mulefoot pig house.

Painted Chicken House

Since it was still cool, and the wind was blowing about 20 miles per hour, I did a quick and dirty job. I would say it is definitely a 20-foot paint job … because it looks pretty good from a distance of 20 feet or more. There’s not much to report on the process. What can you really say about brushes, rollers and roller pans blowing over and dumping their contents in the wind? It was a small enough coloring job that it was fun. And it was all over before the arctic blast hit Sunday afternoon.

I will also admit, now, that I am very fond of Kate’s color scheme. Red roof, green walls and white trim … white trim on the chicken house anyway. The colors work very nicely together. I can’t tell whether the animals enjoy their digs any better than before, but we sure do.