A Tail of Two and a Half Border Collies

| 2/21/2011 12:36:00 PM

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A photo of MaryWar Eagle ya’ll! Rosedale Dairy was my family dairy farm south of Tuscumbia Alabama. I grew up milking cows, hauling hay, slopping hogs, and feeding calves and chickens. Mom sold the farm after Dad died . I was able to purchase a little over 3 and a half acres which I’m turning into an iris, daylily, peony and oriental lily farm and home for my three Border collie rescues. Thus the name Rosedale Gardens. In this blog you will get mostly gardening don’t do what I’ve done plus a splattering of what it’s like gardening with three rambunctious rescued Border collies otherwise known as “the hooligans.” I had back surgery and a knee replacement at a young age, so I hope to give advice for gardening when at a disadvantage.

I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian. After graduating from Deshler High School, I attended the University of North Alabama in Florence for a couple of years before transferring to Auburn University. Competition for the few available state slots was fierce and very few women were accepted so I had a back up plan with a degree in Microbiology. My occupation mild manner hospital Clinical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor of Microbiology, Blood Bank at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital by day and mad gardener by afternoons and weekends. I’m also a board member of the Arc of the Shoals, a school for special needs adults.

The cities of Tuscumbia, Sheffield, Muscle Shoals and Florence also as The Shoals is known as the birthplace of Helen Keller, W.C. Handy and as the hit recording capital of the world during the 60’s & 70’s. The Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, Paul Simon, Percy Sledge (also a native) Willie Nelson, Bob Seger, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin Clarence Carter, Bob Dylan, Oak Ridge Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., Shenandoah and others recorded hit albums at the area studios. The best time to visit is the last week in July during the W C Handy Music Festival. Oh and bring a lawn chair as a large number of events are in parks and other nook and crannies. Most events are free.

I grew up with Border collies on our dairy farm, so I fully under stood what I was getting into. They have to be constantly doing something. They get into trouble when bored.


Patches, aka “Miss Priss,” was my first rescued Border collie I adopted in 2006. She came from a shelter in Columbia, TN. There her name was Lady and she was due to be put down the next day. Five minutes with her and I knew she wasn’t a lady. Approximately five months old she had no manners at all. She wasn’t a “herder” so this was probably the reason she was dumped. If I raised my voice at her she would back into a corner and snap at me. It was obvious she had been beaten and had a back injury as a result. I worked with her on a leash and taught her to come, sit and stay. She was very obedient while on the leash, however as soon as I took off the leash all obedience was forgotten. When she wandered off, and I’d call her back, she would turn and look at me like “what are you going to do about it” put her tail up in the air and trot off. She almost went back to the NW AL Herding Dog Rescue several times. I just wasn’t getting her attention and she wasn’t about to give me her attention.

mary carton
2/26/2011 9:59:27 PM

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Karen hope you are enjoying your new abode in WV even if you are getting a lot of snow. I've entered Levi in the Bissell MVP photo contest. The winner will get $10,000 for a rescue of their choice. Voting for his round starts on Wed. March 2. Please consider voting for my sweet guy. http://bissell.promo.eprize.com/mvpcontest/gallery?id=91464 Thanks again Mary

karen. bordonaro
2/23/2011 6:18:09 AM

Mary, I am thrilled to see all my sweet foster babies in the news all the time. They were so lucky to have you adopt them when they came through my organization. Blackie, Patches and Levi couldn't have found a more loving and caring home than with you.....Congrats on your wonderful blogging. karen b

cindy murphy
2/22/2011 6:42:56 AM

Hi Mary, and welcome to the GRIT blogging community. I enjoyed reading the antics of your "hooligan" border collies - they are kind of like kids, always finding some mischief to get into. And they look so cute and innocent in your photos of them, I bet you can't help but love them (just like kids too). Look forward to reading more of them, of Noah, and Rosedale Garden. Cindy ~ A Lakeside View

nebraska dave
2/21/2011 3:57:37 PM

@Mary, although my family wasn't really into rescue we sort of ended up with dogs from folks that didn't want them any more. They were all sweet dogs. We even through Casey Mae the crazy black cat into the mix. This cat was absolutely the worst mouser ever but fit into the family just great. Bootsy the little Cocker mix was the lover and would camp out on our front porch steps to catch a glimpse of Gidget our poodle mix. Finally the owners of Bootsy got tired of taking him back home and came the final time with food, dog dish, and leash in hand. They said that since he seemed to like it at our house we should just keep him. He and Gidget never had a chance to make puppies as she and Casey Mae had both been fixed. I hope you have many years of enjoyment from your rescues because of your love and patience toward them. They surely very lucky dogs that they found you. Have a great rescue day.

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