A Scent of Skunk

| 11/10/2008 12:42:00 PM

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I saw and smelled a few road-kill skunks on the way in today. It reminded me of the day late last summer when Kate called to tell me that the dogs, all five of them, had dispatched a skunk during their collective daily walk around the farm. At first I thought, poor skunk. Then I thought, good for those feisty Will dogs. And then it occurred to me, there might be some olfactory ramifications to that skunk encounter.


Kate told me she had never smelled such an intense scent in her life. She noted that it wasn’t altogether unpleasant … pungent, yes. And then she asked if I knew of any magic formula for removing the scent of skunk from the dogs, especially since she didn’t have gallons of tomato juice in the house.

Skunked Dawgs

As it turned out, I did have a magic recipe. It came my way from former Herb Companion and CAPPER’s staffer Stacey Couch. Stacey says this recipe is from Maxiene Linder of Alexandria, Nebraska.


2/5/2010 9:55:01 PM

Thanks Hank. I've never had to de-skunk anything before but since we have a dog.....you know. I remember reading your blog and went straight for it. Wow, that stuff works great! Now I wonder how long the mixture will last since there's quite a bit left. I'm also considering bathing the dog in it for his regular bath once a week. He smells great, his coat is shiny, his white is really white and it seems to have helped what little dandruff he had. Thanks again.