A Princess Story

| 2/27/2012 1:28:34 PM

Rosalind head shotEveryone knows that chickens talk a lot. But most people don’t know what they are saying. I happen to be very fluent in Cluckish (the official language of chickens), so I am able to tell you something I heard the other day. It was late at night, and I heard lots of peeping coming from the coop. It was all the little chickies clamoring for their bedtime story.

“Please, can you tell the one about the Lost Egg?” one little voice cried.

And another said, “No, no, no, tell my favorite about the Masked Coon!”

Said a third, “Your favorite was told last time. I want to hear about the Red Light of Mraf!”

Then I heard a squawk from Uffie that really doesn’t have any word in English that its meaning corresponds to exactly, but it is generally agreed to imply “SHUSH!!” (Notice the double exclamation point.) There was absolute silence, for the chicks generally listen to Uffie, and all of them respect her immensely, especially after her recent promotion to Farm Mascot. She told them very clearly that she would tell them a story none of them had heard before, and that she would be grateful for no interruptions, because as no one had heard this particular story before, there was no need for anybody to speak while she was talking.

Here is the story she told:

3/14/2012 2:08:27 AM

If you stop to see the new kids, don't forget to take a look at the 3 broody hens, 2 chicken clutches, 9 baby ducklings, and 8 baby silkie chickies. Thanks for reading my blog posts and commenting!

3/10/2012 2:09:14 PM

Yea!! Finally we get to read what Ilene has to say. Have a great day posting.

Ilene Reid
3/9/2012 10:44:57 PM

Hi Rosalind, This is just a test. I've posted several times, but they never ever seem to really post. I'm enjoying reading your blogs. Keep up the good work and I hope to stop to see the new "kids."