A Moo-Moo Bedtime

| 5/22/2012 10:15:44 AM

Rosalind head shotIt was the start of another story time on the farm. Just before the bedtime of the little goats and the baby chickens (because the mothers don't like them up too late). Farmer P. had started the fire with some old newspapers, and was attempting to smoke an opossum skin that the youngest farmer had prepared. The schedule for the evening began with a story from each of the animals species: Uffie was the designated storyteller for the chickens, Bubble had promised to tell a story on behalf of the pigs, Sunset (our heifer) was considering if she should participate, and Nutella was excited at the thought of telling a tale, and thus earning respect of her new herd. When the fire was just right, and the smell of slightly burnt opossum skin hung in the air the ceremony began.

Uffie clucked a couple times to clear her crop, then started:

“Once Upon a Time, there lived six guinea keets. Each one of these guineas had a special power. The first could fly into trees, the second could camouflage into any---”

Bubble then solemnly asked for silence, gave a speech about enjoying the quaint story Uffie told, and then decided to begin her story:

“In the dark days of winter, a heavy frost hung upon the ground. It was blistering cold, and the poor humans, in their thin skin had to continue to do chores. Even in the winter they had to feed the---”

“Is is over yet?” the baby chicken Snuffie asked.

5/23/2012 1:55:16 PM

Rosalind, I so enjoy your farm animal stories. I don't have animals on the urban ranch so my made up stories are about "Ranger Rick" my truck, "Stormie" my snow blower, "Chomper" my lawn mower, and many other mechanical things. It's just fun to try to imagine what those things would think about if they could. There are so many story possibilities from rural living, isn't there? Have a great story writing day on the farm.