A Lamb to Be Thankful For

| 12/2/2009 5:23:58 PM

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My animals seem to have a thing for giving birth on the holidays lately. A calf for my birthday, now a lamb for Thanksgiving. Somehow when I called everybody up and told them we had a lamb for Thanksgiving they misunderstood. Hmm ... I had to explain that, no, we had the traditional turkey to eat, but were blessed by the birth of a lamb.

South Down/Nabajo Churro lamb

That’s the tail end of black momma behind black baby. They are a South Down/Navajo Churro mix. Obviously I'm not into the whole registered breeds preservation aspect. It’s called – you get what you can afford at the time. Anyway, I'm not complaining about the wool or the meat.

Grazie the South Down/Navajo Churro mix lamb

Momma’s name is Valentine, because she was born on Valentine’s Day. Should we name baby Thanksgiving? I think not. It would remind me of the freezer every time I saw her. No, that fate will be postponed, because she can reproduce. I think her name will be Grazie, thank you in Italian. Still appropriate, yet more suited to her current station in life. Also in thankfulness to the Sense of Humor that allowed her to be born on this day and to a family grateful for another blessing to help them sustain themselves.

Watch a video of Grazie taking some wobbly steps on Robyn’s personal blog: Around the Homestead.

robyn dolan
12/29/2009 10:04:06 AM

Vickie, I did get a little tongue tied in explaining that we had a lamb born, not on the table. Yes, we do have quite a variety here - cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, guineas, llamas, horses, and of course, a dog and cats!

12/22/2009 12:58:26 PM

Robyn, What a neat and thankful -Thanksgiving! I bet you had some quick talking to do when you told everyone you had a lamb. Sounds like you have quite a variety of animals at your farm. vickie

robyn dolan
12/11/2009 2:19:43 PM

Dave, Yes, the sheep are wonderful weedeaters. They are like the llamas (we have 2). We can just turn them loose and they fend for themselves, without trying to break out of the fence. As opposed to the goats, who cruise the property then get out of any and all fencing I've tried. We are cutting down the goat herd to 2, a milker and a buck, and will be trading out the ram for new blood, so sheep will be at 4. We also have horses, 1 jersey cow and her calves which will be meat next year (just the calves), 2 llamas, rabbits, chickens and guineas. Luckily, we have been blessed to find various trustworthy souls, such as yourself, to come feed and check on the critters so we can get away and visit family and go on vacation now and then. Merry Christmas from snowpacked Arizona!

nebraska dave
12/8/2009 6:51:43 PM

Robyn, I haven’t had much experience with sheep. My Dad bought sheep after I had left home to attend college. He indicated the amazing thing about sheep was that when he turned them loose in the pasture they scampered right up to the Canadian Thistle and gobbled it up along with any other weed they could find. Then they settled in on the grass. I don’t know if you know what Canadian Thistle is but it is the most obnoxious weed with thorny stems that anyone could possibly imagine. Dad didn’t have any Ram so there were no baby sheeps. I know it should be lambs, but I just can’t help playing around with words. Dad just wanted something to keep the pasture from over growing with weeds. The sheep were excellent mowing machines with a wonderful side effect of increasing the fertility of the soil. It doesn’t get any better than that. All the sheep and cows stayed with the farm when he sold it. How many sheep do you have? It looks like you may have a goat or two and of course black angus cows. How many animals do you have and how do you ever get to leave for any length of time? That’s always been my issue with having animals. I don’t mind animals, but there just so needy. I get my animal fix by being that guy that comes and takes care of them for the week so the owner can have a vacation. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Nebraska.

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