A Chicken Safe Place: DIY Instructions

| 8/2/2012 8:30:52 AM

Tags: chicken hospital, brooder, separate injured chicken, backyard chickens, flock integration, Melissa Caughey,
 The chicken hospital tucks into the side of the coop leaving plenty of room for the flock 

I received a call this past Saturday from a fellow chicken keeper that lives a few miles away from me. While she was out running errands somehow one of her chicken, Midnight, had injured her comb. Unbeknownst to her, the rest of the flock quickly spotted the injury and attacked Midnight. Within no time, they had created a large deep bleeding crater at the base of her comb. Thankfully, her husband heard the ruckus and went outside to investigate. He immediately separated Midnight into a cardboard box for safety. Unsure what to do, she called me.

I went over and helped. The wound was severe. It was large, open, bloody and unable to be sutured. You could see the bone. The soft tissues were swollen. She would need to be separated from the flock for months to allow this wound to heal properly. We were going to need to create a chicken hospital. Without a safe haven, the other chickens would continue to peck at Midnight's injury. With various scraps of wood, we quickly constructed a chicken hospital that could remain in the coop. It was advantageous to create something that could stay in the coop for a few reasons including:

1. Familiar surroundings allow Midnight to be comfortable and remain in her home.

2. She is still with her family and should be able to reintegrate into the flock without a problem once her wounds heal.

3. She is safe in the coop away from predators.

4. She still has company as chickens have a flock mentality.

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