A Bit of Revision

| 2/15/2012 12:29:05 PM

Nick Snelgar head shotI thought I would go back over the principles of the ‘Microdairy’ just to be sure.

I suppose it steals its name from the very successful Microbrewing movement borne out of the work of CAMRA and its resistance to the monolith brewing companies and their remote, industrial ‘brews’.

The Dairy business is quite similar in that  4 vast companies do all the processing of fresh milk.

Maple Field Milk intends, like many before us, and alongside us, to produce a self-employed living from fresh milk production from 15 to 20 cows. The milk will be pasteurized and bottled in our new dairy room and sold direct to families within a 10-mile radius of the farm. The milk will not be organic or homogenised. The cows will graze on grass grown without chemical fertilizers. The milk will be delivered twice a week and will be a maximum of 3 days old.

The new homemade two-birth milking bail arrived from the makers last week. CC Fabrication from our own Parish have built it to the scale drawings produced by me. CC Fab, for short, are indeed ‘fab’ and have interpreted the blueprint perfectly, finishing the vehicle off in a beautiful green, which we shall call Maple Field green from now on. I towed the bail here with a friend in a 4-wheel-drive truck, and it rolled behind us like a Winebago motor home. The pitch black roof looks like a moth with folded wings.

Dairy engineer Geoffrey will fix up the vacuum lines and make it fit for a cow’s teat.