A Wedding Story: A Marriage and a Honeymoon, Boys!

| 1/28/2011 4:45:00 PM

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A photo of the author, Caleb ReganI happened to look at my last blog post yesterday and noticed October 25 was my last post. For the GRIT community, there is much I want to share with you, mostly photos that tell a wedding story that I'll fondly recall for the rest of my life.

Between the bachelor’s party, taking over a week off to get married, and then returning in the thick of the deadline for GRIT’s 2011 Guide to Backyard Chickens and our March/April issue (one of my favorites, ever), I have much to catch the GRIT community up on. And I have video of the whitetail doe that I shot back in November, which I’ll get on the GRIT site in the coming days. But first I have to tell you about events surrounding Gwen and my wedding.

First, there's the bachelor's party. A group of my best friends and I went pheasant hunting near Pratt, Kansas. We bagged around two dozen birds for the trip, but it was just as much about enjoying each other's company as it was about the hunting, although pheasant hunting and bird hunting in general are loves of mine that hearken me back to my childhood days, following my Uncle Fred and brother Josh with a BB-gun, until I was old enough to read, take the Hunter's Safety course, and carry a gun of my own – a rite of passage, if you will.

Some guys might opt for the casinos, clubs, or whatever else you can imagine on their last trip as a single man, but I'll take great friends and chasing wildlife – in this case ring-neck pheasant roosters – any day of the week.

Great Friends and Pheasant Roosters 

Then, on December 18, I married the love of my life, and we took off for our honeymoon in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area the following day. The rehearsal dinner hog was succulent, the wedding was smooth, and the celebration was as fun and special as anything I've ever been a part of. As I type this I'm really trying to single out a better day out of all those in my life. The birth of my niece/goddaughter comes close, there's been a couple good hunts or fishing trips that rank up there, my Jayhawks winning the 2008 national basketball championship was awesome, riding a wave for the first time was worth every thrashing I took, and there's nothing I like better than Sunday drives through the countryside with Gwen. But nothing comes close to that day up to this point. Beginning to end, it was the best day of my life, hands down. 

chuck mallory
2/26/2011 8:58:06 AM

Congrats! What a great story and beautiful photographs. I'm glad you got to enjoy some of that great seafood they serve in Florida. Best wishes to both of you for a wonderful life together.

paul gardener
2/25/2011 1:54:35 PM

Caleb, Congratulations! I looks like you guys had a great time. I remember going on a deep sea fishing boat once as a kid... I emphasize ONCE. Oh man I was so sick. I can empathize with you on that one. Glad you had a great trip, and glad to see you back on the blog. Best wishes! Paul~

oz girl
2/2/2011 6:01:22 PM

Congrats to you and Gwen, Caleb! :-) What a beautiful story and so refreshing to read it from the guy's perspective. I rather envy the Florida trip, esp in light of the last few days around these parts... it sounds like it was definitely the perfect honeymoon!! Wishing you both every simple pleasure that your married life can bring your way.

2/1/2011 8:52:26 AM

Dave - Thanks so much for your prayers and well-wishes. We can only hope to look back on it with the same fondness as you do several years down the road. Cindy - Thanks so much for your wishes. Hank - I'm confident I would have at least had a little better luck had I been able to stomach some lucky chewing tobacco! Gwen was such a trooper, I would have done anything to help her feel better, but that's the cruddy part of it, you can't do anything but take it. There was no medication on board, and the pills we took beforehand just made us tired, so it was a tired-sick feeling. Uhhh. I'm glad to be back and settled back in to the normal routine. Thanks for the kind words. K.C. - Thanks so much for your blessings and kind words. I can't think of a better community for this blog post than the GRIT community. Roby and Teresa - Thanks! I saw your names and it brought a smile to my face. Love and miss you guys.

1/31/2011 7:36:04 PM

Caleb and Gwen, What a wonderful story and what beautiful pictures. May God bless you with a long and happy marriage. Love, Roby and Teresa

k.c. compton
1/31/2011 3:37:08 PM

Caleb-- Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. We've kind of been passing each other coming and going since you got back and I knew it had been a great experience for you. Just didn't know how great. You and Gwen look so wonderful together. Blessings to both of you in your lives as Mr. and Mrs. --KC

hank will_2
1/31/2011 8:37:07 AM

Wonderful story, Caleb. I'm glad you were up to alot of good during your blog absence. :-) You and Gewn look as awesome together in photos as you are in real life. I am totaly sympathetic on the sea sickness. I have experienced it several times -- most recently while fishing in the ocean. I'd do just about anything to avoid that feeling again. Good for you guys for sticking it out though. And even 60 degree blustery weather in Florida is a nice change from freezing windy winter days in Kansas. Thanks for sharing all of this.

cindy murphy
1/29/2011 9:15:30 AM

Congratulations to you and your beautiful bride! Wishing you both a lifetime filled with moments as beautiful as that special day.

nebraska dave
1/29/2011 8:05:33 AM

@Caleb, thank you for sharing the best day of your life and the leading up to and after that special day. It will indeed have specail meaning and memories the rest of your life and be celebrated even more than birthdays. It's still a memoriable day in my heart and brings a smile to my face when I think about it even though my wife has been gone for going on ten years. I know what you mean about sea sickness. My experience on the Atlantic Ocean fishing left me a little queasy but not full fledged sick. We were fishing in 10 foot swells which is not waves but just like going over a midwest hill real fast and having that pit of the stomach feeling as you go over the top of the hill. After a couple hours of heaving up and down it kind began to get to me. Caleb I hope and pray that you and Gwen have many decades of building memories together. May you be blessed with children that make your lives complete. May the household you live in be filled with love and peace all the days of your lives. Have a great married day.

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