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Inside Grit’s “Guide to Backyard Chickens” bookazine, on newsstands Feb. 9
Learn the basics of raising poultry, from hatching eggs to processing chickens for meat 

Hatch an Urban Chicken Revolution  Want to keep backyard chickens but your city ordnances don’t allow them? Try these step-by-step instructions for changing the laws where you live. Page 56

Anyone Can Raise Chickens  Start baby chicks off right by following Grit’s expert advice on buying mail-order chicks, setting up a brooder, feeding and watering, maintaining the brooder and more. Page 10

Raise Chickens for Healthier, Tastier Meat  Whether you live on a homestead or a city lot, this beginner’s guide shows how raising and processing meat chickens can save money and fill your freezer with a healthier, better-tasting alternative to factory-farmed chickens. Page 64

Choose the Right Chickens  Before starting your backyard flock, consider the characteristics of these 25 heritage chicken breeds. Page 30

Designer DIY Chicken Coop Keeps Backyard Chickens with Class  Build this classy, durable chicken coop to keep your flock safe and productive, while requiring minimal daily care. Page 38

Keep Your Flock Healthy  Use these 10 easy tips to help ward off infectious diseases among your poultry pals, and learn the warning signs of common bird diseases. Page 44

Control Backyard Pests Naturally with Poultry  Grit readers share how they use chickens, ducks and guineas instead of chemicals to control ticks, mosquitoes, grasshoppers and other common pests. Page 52

and much more …

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