Editorial Calendar 2012



Replacing Crops in the Garden: When an early garden crop fails – if the deer have it a late buffet dinner or the slugs decide to take up residence – don’t despair. Take stock of what’s available and simply plant another crop.

Getting Started on Chickens, Or Raising Rhode Island Reds: Follow a Virginia couple as they start their backyard chicken flock, from deciding on a breed to building a coop to raising chicks.

Start Those Seeds: What do you need to start seeds for this spring’s garden? Check out what’s what for beginning and experienced gardeners alike.

OR Mowers: Whether you have a small yard or several acres to mow, let Grit help you decide on the best machine to get the job done.

The Montana Cowboy: Take a journey to Montana’s Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site where the American cowboy takes center stage and ranching’s role in U.S. history is on display.

Keep the Children Safe: Discover ways of averting disaster on the farm. Stay informed on the steps to take to keep your children safe from harm while enjoying the country life.

Taking Hardware into the Future: Two North Carolina community hardware stores take aim at the future with day-to-day operations focused on the customer’s needs.

Outstanding in Your Field: Farming – specifically the ability and knowledge to sow and grow food in the same spot year after year – changed the course of history. Think of all the fields that have been planted since, and the changes in agriculture.

Seed Starting: Learn a few secrets of seed starting from experts

   In the Shop: Turn a Basement into a Greenhouse
   Sow Hoe: Edible Flowers
   Dept. Name?: Heirloom Vegetables – xxxx
   Wild Grit: Sandhill Crane Migration
   Comfort Foods: Cookbook Gems
   Humor:Feral Hogs
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Broccoli Basics: When it comes to growing broccoli, fantastic flavor is always the ultimate reward. Read more on how to grow great tasting broccoli that’s heads and shoulders above the rest.

Wholesome as Honey: Famous as a sweet treat, this bee staple is packed with good nutrition and health. (reprint from 2011 Beeazine)

Hives to Have and Hold: What types of hives are available and what’s the best one for your fields and your bees? A buzz-worthy discussion lands here.

Confessions of a Dorm-Room Gardener: A college student laments that her life is just not the same without a garden plot in which to grow tasty tomatoes, lovely zucchini, crisp cucumbers or hot peppers.

Searching for Morels: Sleuths come out in the spring when the morels peek out of the winter’s debris and issuing their siren’s song. Learn how to find, collect and cook morel mushrooms, and what to avoid when on a hunt.

10 Easy Crops Everyone Can Grow: Our guide offers a few suggestions for crops that are easy to grow, quick to sprout and hardy enough to survive a forgetful gardener.

Great Granola! It’s a tempting snack, a breakfast cereal for the ages, and a staple of travelers everyone. Make the best granola this side of the 1960s, and have fun while you stock your cupboards.

Kicking with Alpacas: An unusual choice of livestock for your farm may be just what’s needed. Learn more about these hardy animals, their habits and their fiber.

   In the Shop: High Tunnels
   Sow Hoe: Planting to Attract Pollinators w/sidebar on benefits
   of native plants
   Dept. Name?: Heirloom Vegetables – xxxx
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   Comfort Foods: Savory Pies
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Tasty Cherries for the Pickin’ and a Few Mulberries, Too: Everything you wanted to know about the sweet and tart cherries growing in your backyard and baking in your pies.

Selective Hay Advice: Learn the best way of selecting hay for your horses and cattle.

Get Your Goose: What’s the best breed of geese for your place? Why geese? More than a few ideas on adding to your poultry flock this year.

Adding to Your Tractor: All the basics, plus a few specialty items, to make your collection of tractor attachments the best it can be.

Repel Pests Your Way: Make your own insect repellant with natural ingredients and less toxic fumes to harm you, your pets and the beneficial critters walking and flying around your homestead.

Your Very Own Rain Garden: Divert the water runoff to a backyard garden that will help you solve the surface water dilemma facing your house or barn, and discover how to stop water from wrecking havoc on your ground.

Our Guard Llama: A Minnesota writer tells the tale of the family’s guard llama and his unusual relationships to his charges.

Woodland and What to Do With It: Small wood lot owners can improve their woodlands while producing healthful products and protecting the forest’s ecosystem.

The Signs on the Corner: Learn more about a small community from the myriad notes that appear out of nowhere on a busy country road.

Jams and Jellies Galore: Start canning and storing fresh, sweet jams and jellies to grace your table all year round.

   In the Shop: Reviving Engines
   Sow Hoe: Growing Shitake Mushrooms
   Dept. Name?: Heirloom Vegetables – xxxx
   Wild Grit: Fishing 101
   Comfort Foods: Easy Preserving
   Humor: Fishing
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Growing Raspberries: Cultivating raspberries takes some effort – preparing the soil, finding the right cultivar, pruning and protecting the plants – but the sweet goodness of the berries is well worth the effort, whether you’re planting summer or fall varieties.

Everything You Want or Need to Know about Goats: Thinking of adding a goat or two to the livestock that call your place home? Here’s everything you’ll need to know before adding new critters.

Haying Hand Tools: Have a great time creating your own hand tools for haying season, and then have as much fun putting them to work.

Heritage Windmills: An Illinois man rebuilds and restores the old-fashioned windmills used for decades to pump water into stock tanks.

A Fiber CSA: In an admiring imitation of a community-supported agriculture group, a fiber CSA provided by a New York farm offers fiber artists the opportunity to try different animal fibers from a fellow artist.

Cheesemaking at Home: Learn to make ricotta cheese, mozzarella and other simply cheeses, all within the confines of your own kitchen.

A Colonial Living History Museum: When you visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, be sure to include the Island Farm Living History Museum on Roanoke Island on your itinerary. Catch a glimpse of life in the 1750s.

Foggy Ridge Cider: A Blue Ridge Mountain farm is home to more than 1,000 apple trees, all heirloom varieties, and the owners make a mean cup of cider as well.

Venison: The Original Organic Meat: Learn more about venison and its health benefits.

   In the Shop: DIY Hay Rake
   Sow Hoe: Cattails
   Dept. Name?: Heirloom Vegetables – xxxx
   Wild Grit: Raptors – John Marshall
   Comfort Foods: Homemade Ice Cream and More
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Controlling Common Garden Pests: What’s the best way to keep the insects away from your precious plants?

To Shoe or Not to Shoe: Riding an unshod horse is becoming something of a trend in equine circles. Discover what all the fuss is about as you read more about the benefits and drawbacks of your horses going shoeless.

Raising Chicks: Discover the best incubator for bringing chicks into the world.

Winterize Your Coop: Make a list of what you’ll need to do to keep your chickens warm, safe and healthy during the winter months.

Conservation Easements: How do you protect your rural land forever? Learn more about conservation easements, what it is, the benefits and why you might find it’s the perfect solution.

Ice Fishing With the Family: Make an ice fishing expedition an adventure that’s entertaining, productive and safe for the entire family.

Demystifying the Art of Spinning: Learn what equipment you need to spin wool, the types of fiber available, and the terminology fiber artists use in their craft.

Gathering the Nuts: Crack a smile and look for the new crop of nuts this autumn. Discover the best way to toast nuts, how to store them and try a recipe or two using pecans and walnuts.

Transitioning from Tractor Power to Horse Power: Why do farmers choose this method of plowing? What equipment is needed, and which horse breeds are the best for the job? What are the benefits and drawbacks of plowing with horses?

   In the Shop: Rustic Picket Fence
   Sow Hoe: Winter Squash Gardening
   Dept. Name?: Heirloom Vegetables – xxxx
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   Comfort Foods: Canning
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Growing Onions: Determine the best way to grow, harvest and consume this long-touted vegetable.

Thatta, Boy! The best farm dogs you could ever want to meet.

Go Away, Snow: GRIT counts down the best snow removal tools for any and every set of circumstances.

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   Dept. Name?: Heirloom Vegetables – xxxx
   Wild Grit: Jackalopes
   Comfort Foods: Dumplings
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