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Why I Love Winter

One of my friends said she doesn’t understand why I enjoy winter so much. Hmm, that made me think. Below zero temperatures, snow omnipresent. Why would anyone choose to live in the frozen Northeast Kingdom? But I have the answer.

For the beauty and stillness of a cold winter morning.

pine trees

For darkness that falls at 4:00 p.m.

dusk falls 2

The way the snow lights long winter nights.

winter night 3

And the moon so visible in the frigid air.

full moon

For horses impatient to journey on snow covered trails.

Morgan horse

For dogs dressed in coats who frolic with glee.

running dogs

For the surprise of a bird’s nest forgotten in the woods:

bird nest

For leaving piles of snow to see just how high they will go.

patio table

For a December sunset awash in color

December sunset

For icy streams that run through the woods

frozen stream

For snowstorms so big, you can’t get out the door

back door

And snow banks piled high making perfect places to play.

German shepherd

For the first time the light shifts and you know spring is on it’s way.

spring light on snow

And at long last the mud signaling winter’s end.

tire tracks in mud

That’s why I love winter.