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Using Sawmill Lumber or I Knew My Floor When It Was a Tree

A photo of GaFarm Woman PamAnother ongoing project we have here on the farm is the wood for the downstairs floors.

The wood goes on quite a journey.

This is my husband putting the boards he has run through the planer in the barn loft to finish curing.

Putting boards in the barn loft to cure

It began last summer when we cut the trees at the back of the property to use for the chicken house.

Building the chicken house

We went ahead and cut extra to use on the floors.

The trees that were cut

We hauled the logs up to the sawmill.

Wood on the truck on the way to the sawmill

Where my husband cut the logs into slabs on the farm’s sawmill.

Cutting logs into slabs on the sawmill

Logs on the sawmill

Then cut the slabs into boards on the table saw.

Cutting slabs into boards

Then … stacked the boards so air could get between them to dry the moisture out.

Stacking sawmilled boards to dry

So that by spring time we can start putting the new boards down.

Here is the kitchen floor that we did a few years back. From scratch.

Kitchen floor from sawmill boards

I knew the kitchen floor when it was an oak tree.

The trees we are using for the other floors are poplar, black gum, sweet gum, sycamore and oak. We thought it would be pretty to use different types and colors of wood.

We have the wood floors down in the living room now and hope to finish the downstairs floors this spring.

Living room floor from scratch

Just one of many projects. Life is never dull here on the farm.

Have a great day!

3/5/2010 11:10:34 AM

Dave, that was a wonderful surprise to find the oak floors in your house. I look forward to finishing our home with wood flooring soon. It just gives so much character to the house. Thanks for the comment and story. Have a great day. Pam

nebraska dave
3/3/2010 6:29:39 PM

Pam, those floors really do look terrific. I bought my suburban 1965 built house back in 1985 when it was 20 years old. It had wall to wall carpet except for the dining area, kitchen area, and bathrooms. About ten years into raising two teenagers and a toddler that grew into a teen the carpet had seen its useful days. We decided to pull up the old carpet and replace it with new wonderful carpet from the local carpet place. Our wise decision was to pull out the carpet ourselves to keep the cost down. When we pulled up the first corner of the carpet our eyes bugged out. Under this tacky carpet was the most beautiful oak hard wood flooring we could ever have imagined. We scampered through out the house looking in each bedroom, stairways, and hallways. All had practically untouched oak flooring. We both rejoiced at our splendid find. Who in there right mind would cover up oak flooring with carpet? That was about 20 years ago and now it has a few character blemishes etched into the finish here and there but it still looks much better than the carpet that had been nailed in place. Some day maybe it will get refinished, but the older I get the more I like the memories of how the blemishes got there. Thanks for you wonderful pictures included in the blog entry. I love pictures.

2/26/2010 3:26:38 PM

Thank-you Cindy, It took us years to get back to our wood floors. We still have a lot of work to do to finish them but I am very proud of them. I know you will get your floors too. There is much to be said about patience in country life. Have a great day. Pam

cindy murphy
2/25/2010 3:11:59 PM

Hi, Pam. I'm having floor envy. Your wood floors are absolutely gorgeous. I commented on one of Mountain Woman's blogs that I've been dreaming of a wood plank kitchen floor since we moved into this house about ten years ago. The floor in your kitchen is exactly the floor of my dreams. Ah....maybe one day.

2/25/2010 1:48:27 PM

Thank-you Caleb. Those dreams do come true. Mixed with a lot of hard work! But so worth it. MountainWoman, I have seen pictures on your blog of the beautiful work your Mountain Man does. He is so talented! I agree he has lots i common with my FarmMan. I can't wait to see your wood floors soon! Thanks Tammy, My husband said to let him know when your hubby discovers the less labor intensive version of the sawmill work! But kidding aside, it sounds like ya'll are well on your way with your stack of lumber in the barn (isn't that a great place for it to cure?) I know your chicken house will be wonderful! Have a great day GaFarmWoman Pam Life on a Southern Farm

2/24/2010 4:38:26 PM

Hi Pam! Your floors are absolutely gorgeous. We have some of our farm's trees used in smaller projects, but not in floors yet! Hubby is looking at upgrading the sawmill at some point to make it less labor-intensive (if that's possible). We have some project-ready boards stacked in the barn. I would love to use some of our farm's lumber in our 2010 chicken house. I'm showing this post to the hubs tonight to hopefully move this idea along :) Thanks for the inspiration!

mountain woman
2/24/2010 3:45:44 PM

Hi Pam, I LOVE your floors and I'm jealous but I'm told and promised I'm getting some of my own. We are both fortunate that we have such hardworking men in our lives who can do everything from logging the lumber to actually making the flooring. I think FarmMan and Mountain Man have lots in common. It's wonderful to be on a farm in the country and being self sufficient.

2/24/2010 3:44:03 PM

Pam - Those floors are absolutely beautiful. I dream of doing what you folks are doing. How inspiring! - Caleb R.