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Toro® Power Max® HD: Mother Nature Meets Her Match

Send the daunting drifts of snow back to where they came from with the new series of Toro® Power Max® Heavy Duty (HD) two-stage snowblowers. The new Power Max HD lineup offers four models to consider when looking to arm yourself against the elements with a commercial-grade two-stage snowblower.  

Toro Snow Blower

These machines utilize a two-step throwing process for efficient snow removal: first, the auger chews up the snow and ice that’s accumulated, then the impeller catapults the snow out of the chute. This process allows for operators to throw snow up to 45 feet and clear snow depths of up to 21.5 inches, making Toro two-stage snowblowers the tool of choice when winter weather hits.

Toro engineers have integrated several industry-leading features that make the new Power Max HD lineup ready to work and built to last, including…

Power Max HD models range from the Power Max HD 928 OE at $1,399 (MSRP) to the Power Max HD 1128 OXE for $2,099 (MSRP). All Toro two-stage snowblowers come with a three-year limited warranty (see retailer for warranty details).

Find the complete lineup of Toro snowblowers at your local authorized Toro dealer or buy online at Select models also can be purchased online at For more information, contact Toro toll free at 1-866-336-5205 or visit Need help deciding which snowblower is right for you? Check out Toro’s online snowblower selector.

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