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Toro® Electric Blower Vacs Save Time and Effort During Fall Cleanup

For decades, busy homeowners have relied on Toro® blower vacs to get their cleanup jobs done quickly and efficiently. This year’s full line incorporates increased air power and improved handling, while ensuring these popular products remain lightweight, easy to use and quiet.

The Rake & Vac, Super Blower Vac, and Ultra Blower Vac feature front and rear handles that increase control and mobility, while reducing operator fatigue in both blower and vacuum modes. The Rake & Vac is a light 6.5 pounds, while the Super and Ultra models weigh in at 7.4 and 7.5 pounds, respectively. This generation of blower vacs also is easier to convert between blower and vacuum modes through the use of a quickrelease latch that allows for a simple, “no tools” conversion.

With a maximum air speed of 235 mph, the Toro Ultra Blower Vac (model 51609) is best in its class. This powerful blower vac features a variable speed control, from a low air speed of 88 mph to a top air speed of 235 mph. The controller allows the operator to “dial in” the precise air speed required for any task.

The Ultra Blower Vac also includes Toro’s exclusive, state-of-the-art, serrated, magnesium impeller that creates a 16-to-1 leaf reduction ratio when used in the vacuum mode. While noise can be a homeowner concern, the Ultra Blower Vac only produces 67 decibels (dBA) at peak performance and 61 dBA at the lowest setting in blower mode. To put that in perspective, your typical conversation falls between 60 and 70 dBA, and the average gas-powered blower operates at 100 dBA or louder.

The Toro Super Blower Vac (model 51602) features a top air speed of 230 mph at the high-speed setting and 159 mph at the lowspeed setting. When used in the vacuum mode, the Super Blower Vac has a 10-to-1 leaf shredding reduction ratio with its durable, plastic impeller. The Super Blower Vac also limits noise to 67 dBA at peak performance and 63 dBA at the low-speed setting in blower mode.

Both the Super and Ultra Blower Vacs come with multiple tubes, allowing you to match the air volume to the task. The main tube makes quick work of leaves near the house or caught in shrubs. The power insert helps move debris into piles. The concentrator tube is great for clearing out cracks, edging and for moving stubborn leaves.

The Toro Rake & Vac™ (model 51574) has an air speed of 210 mph at the high-speed setting and 135 mph at the low setting. Like the Super Blower Vac, it has a durable plastic impeller capable of an 8-to-1 leaf reduction ratio when used in the vacuum mode. The Rake & Vac operates at 67 dBA on the highspeed setting and 63 dBA at the low-speed setting in blower mode.

The Toro Power Sweep™ (model 51585) features a top air speed of 160 mph at the high-speed setting and 130 mph at the low-speed setting. This extra power boost is thanks to a two-speed air control that allows the user to adjust air speed to match the task at hand. While the Power Sweep blower is not designed to operate in vacuum mode, at only 4.6 pounds, it’s the perfect tool for clearing leaves and debris from sidewalks, decks and driveways.

All four models are backed by a 2-year full warranty. See your owner’s manual for full warranty details. Look for these blower vacs at Toro dealers, home centers and The Home Depot stores. For more information regarding the complete line of Toro electric blower vacs and other Toro products, contact Toro at 1-800-544-5364 or visit

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