The Massey Ferguson Tractor for Fall Chores

A few easy steps this fall will jumpstart your lawn and landscaping in the spring.

The GC2400 is the new model compact tractor from Massey Ferguson.

The GC2400 is the new model compact tractor from Massey Ferguson.

courtesy Massey Ferguson

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Duluth, Georgia — Using the right tools to complete your fall work swiftly and most effectively makes a difference in how enjoyable and easy the work will be. In fact, a subcompact tractor is one of the most versatile and agile tools a landowner should own. And, it can help make this work fun by letting the equipment do the heavy lifting with your direct input.

Several attachment options help complete these jobs effectively. Whether it’s general lawn care like mowing using the mower deck, seeding using a lawn seeder, fertilizing with a spreader; moving mulch, brick or rocks with the loader; or clearing debris or brush with a landscape rake; subcompact tractors bring working outdoors to a whole new level in all-around function, comfort, style, convenience and versatility.

Other attachments include rotary broom to sweep debris or snow; backhoe for digging holes for trees and other jobs; tillage tools to create and maintain a garden; box blade for smoothing and contouring land; post-hole digger for putting up fence; or snow blower.

What to Look for in a Tractor

“Massey Ferguson® is here to help put ‘joy’ into the work,” says Chris Box, marketing specialist, Compact & Commercial Equipment for Massey Ferguson. “Our customers are serious about the jobs they are doing. The right tractor and attachments make the work easier and more enjoyable.”

You can accomplish numerous outdoor tasks with the new Massey Ferguson GC 2400/2600 Series subcompact tractors. Ranging from 22.5 hp in the GC2400 and GC2410 models and 25 hp in the GC2600 and GC2610 models; the tractors also feature the widest operating platform for additional legroom, ergonomically placed controls, and hydraulically powered attachments to get the job done fast and with ease.

When shopping for a tractor, also look for the left side brake pedals to make the ride more comfortable, and a reconfigured dash that offers easier-to-read illuminated analog functions for the tachometer, fuel and engine coolant gauges.

“While other subcompacts look and perform like bigger versions of garden tractors, the Massey Ferguson GC Series tractors are simply smaller versions of a big tractor. There is a difference, and with these new models, we have made the difference even greater,” Box says.

The Massey Ferguson GC Series tractors are also affordable; offering interest-free financing for up to six years. Life is stressful enough, but time spent working on the land shouldn’t be. As you consider the work you want to do, remember Massey Ferguson and their dealers around the country are there to help find the perfect tractor for you.

What Jobs Need to be Done

The fall season is officially here, signaling the time for the do-it-yourself outdoor enthusiast to start prepping lawns, landscaping and gardens to give them a head start in the spring.

What needs to be done? Your checklist should include:

• Rake debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and thatch to allow sunlight, water, and nutrients to reach the lawn.

• Aerate your lawn to help counter soil compaction.

• Seed your lawn. If you have cool season grasses, now is the time to fill in those bare spots. Warm soil and cool nights are a perfect combination for seed germination.

• Weed control. Control dandelions and other broadleaf weeds using a broadleaf herbicide. Fall is the best time for control, and spraying will ensure fewer weeds next spring.

• Fertilize. If you live in the northern half of the United States, now is the best time to fertilize your lawn with a good nitrogen and potassium combination fertilizer. If you live farther south, fertilize your warm season grasses after your lawn greens in the spring, and again in late summer.

• Add new landscape items, like trees and bushes. Plant in early fall and water well so the plantings will take root and start out strong next spring. 

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