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Sunday Afternoons Launches New Men’s Headwear Company, Madrone

Madrone Hat

Sunday Afternoons, a leading global provider of UPF 50+ UV protective headwear, announced today the launch of Madrone, a new men’s technical headwear brand.

Madrone’s premium and rugged headwear specifically targets the fishing, hunting and outdoorsman markets. The brand was created by Sunday Afternoons to meet increasing consumer demand for rugged sun protection solutions for male outdoor enthusiasts. 

“We are excited to take all we have learned about innovative headwear through our 20-year-old Sunday Afternoons brand and apply it specifically to the male outdoor market,” said Meadow Lacy, Brand Manager of Madrone. “Sportsmen need hats that both protect and last. Our unique designs and breathable, UV-blocking materials provide shelter from anything nature throws their way.”

Added Lacy, “At Madrone, we know the needs of the true outdoorsman because we eat, breathe and sleep the great outdoors. Like the mighty Madrone tree itself, our roots are in the Pacific Northwest, and we look forward to sharing adventures around the world with avid sportsmen as they pursue their passions.”
Pushing The Boundaries
In developing the Madrone Spring 2014 line, the company has pushed the boundaries of headwear technology with its innovative fabrics, ventilation systems and thoughtful design. Each product features unique details such as folding brim technology, anchor-lock sizing system, flow-through ventilation system, floating brim technology, sunglasses securing system, UPF 50+ fabrics and water resistant fabric treatments. All Madrone hats share the core goal of being as lightweight, breathable, and sun protective as possible.

Spring 2014 Product Launch

The new Madrone line features 12 distinct styles, including legionnaire-styled caps with ventilated crown panels, convertible wide-brim sun protecting hats and collapsible, packable and floatable hats. The hats will be distributed to premium outdoor vendors and niche markets domestically and internationally.

Madrone’s Expert Team and Infrastructure
Drawing on experience with the Sunday Afternoons brand, the Madrone team has a depth of knowledge and resources to help them reliably execute deadlines, deliveries, production runs and vendor relations. The company’s in-house designers are highly experienced with headwear, both in lifestyle and technical applications. As outdoor enthusiasts themselves, they have a strong understanding of the market and its needs and are constantly searching for innovative ways to better satisfy the customer.

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