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New Toro® Power Max® Two-Stage Lineup Offers Compact, Powerful Punch

When your local forecast calls for the worst that winter can dish out, reach for the new, compact, and powerful lineup of Toro® Power Max® two-stage snowblowers. Deep snow has met its match with Toro -- and more than 60 years of proven machine performance.

Toro Power Max two-stage snowblowers offer incredible snow-moving capabilities at a great value. By tackling drifts up to 20” deep on the first pass, Power Max snowblowers clear the way quickly. Their 11-inch diameter serrated auger swallows the snow, pumping the powder through the impeller and out the chute, throwing it up to 40-feet away from your path. Power Max models feature special hardened auger gearbox gears that easily handle the stresses of all snow conditions, breaking up large drifts and the hard compacted snow left behind by the city plow. A unique, one-piece frame and a reinforced auger housing provide durability you can count on.

When snow builds up at the base of their chute, traditional snowblowers may clog, causing downtime. Toro’s patented Anti-Clogging System (ACS) is designed to keep you moving by rerouting excess snow back into the auger for further processing. The Power Max machine is the only snowblower on the market to feature this type of system.

How important is performance when temps are hovering in the single digits and below? Vital! That’s why Toro has introduced its new Sub Zero Material in the Power Max lineup’s chute, deflector, and ACS components. This special cold-weather material is proven to perform in temperatures as low as -104° F, is rust free, and won’t bind over time. Factor in a lifetime guarantee on all Sub Zero Material parts for added peace of mind.

Functionality is a major point of emphasis on all Toro Power Max two-stage snowblowers. The Quick Stick® Chute Control offers joystick-type operation to move your chute direction and angle without stopping. Convenient one-hand operation allows users to keep one hand free, making it possible to adjust the chute without stopping.  Power Max two-stage snowblowers also are specially balanced, creating the right amount of weight on the front to dig into deep snows with just the right weight at the controls, making the machines easy to maneuver.  Aggressive, deep-lug tires offer maximum traction, reducing the amount of pushing force the operator needs to apply.

This winter, don’t settle for being stuck in the snow. Power through the piles of snow with one of three compact, yet powerful and easy-to-use Power Max two-stage snowblowers: the Power Max 724 OE at $899.99, the Power Max 726 OE at $999.99, and the Power Max 826 OE $1099.99 (all prices are MSRP). All Toro two-stage snowblowers come with a three-year limited warranty (see retailer for warranty details). See the Power Max in action.


Find the complete lineup of Toro snowblowers at your local authorized Toro dealer or shop online at Select models can be purchased at The Home Depot® stores or online at www. For more information, contact Toro toll free at 1-866-336-5205 or visit Need help deciding which snowblower is right for you? Check out Toro’s online snowblower selector.

About The Toro Company 

The Toro Company is a leading worldwide provider of turf and landscape maintenance equipment, and irrigation solutions. With sales of nearly $1.9 billion in fiscal 2011, Toro’s global presence extends to more than 90 countries through its reputation of world-class service, innovation and turf expertise. Since 1914, the company has built a tradition of excellence around a number of strong brands to help customers care for golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties, and agricultural fields. More information is available at

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