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New Kind of Machine: Toolcat 5610 from Bobcat

By Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief

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Hank WillBobcat recently released its latest and greatest utility-vehicle/tractor/loader and it drew quite a crowd at the 2009 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville last week. This diesel-powered machine features four-wheel steering, four-wheel independent suspension and a smart fulltime all wheel drive system that sends power to the wheel(s) with traction. The more I learn about utility vehicles and Toolcats in general, the more I have come to believe that they have a place on the farm.

Bobcat 5610 with grapple and rotary cutter.

This Toolcat comes with a front-end loader that’s capable of handling more than 40 Bobcat attachments and many more from other manufacturers. Optional equipment includes a high-flow auxiliary hydraulic system, rear 540-rpm PTO, rear category 1 three-point hitch and much more. With the rear PTO, three-point hitch and the front lift arm, you can use two different attachments on the Toolcat 5610 simultaneously as long as one of the attachments is non-hydraulic. For example, a hydraulic soil conditioner can be mounted on the front while a non-hydraulic hitch-mounted seeder is used on the rear of the machine.

Dirt working Bobcat 5610

Missing from this highly-capable utility vehicle is a rear cargo box. In its place, the Toolcat 5610 has a pair of  rear compartments capable of carrying up to 50 pounds of load each … located on either side of the engine compartments ventilation grate. Available operator amenities include cab with CD player, heat and air conditioning as well as keyless start and tilt steering wheel.

Bobcat 5610 Toolcat works well with a finish cut mower. 

The Toolcat 5610 was designed for heavy-duty applications around the farm, acreage or jobsite. When equipped with the rear 3-point hitch and PTO, you can expect this workhorse to list at right around $50,000. Intimidating as that sounds, this machine will do most of the work you can accomplish with a small skid loader, compact tractor and utility vehicle.

Test drive the Toolcat 5610 at a Bobcat dealer near you.

Hank Will raises hair sheep, heritage cattle and many varieties of open-pollinated corn with his wife, Karen, on their rural Osage County, Kansas farm. His home life is a perfect complement to his professional life as editor in chief at GRIT and Capper's Farmer magazines. Connect with him on .