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New Holland Boomer 8N: New Photos

By Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief

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I found a couple more New Holland Boomer 8N photos for you ... finally a decent left side view.

For more photos and specs click here.

For a Flash Media presentation on the Boomer 8N click here.

Left side of Boomer 8N.


Boomer 8N Collage.

Images Courtesy New Holland.

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1/23/2011 9:10:37 PM

this is a great looking Tractor. about time they came out with the looks of a legend .if the price is fair this tractor will sell. I may add one with my 1950 8N.Good job New Holland.

hank will_2
2/10/2009 10:05:02 AM

Hey Dave -- they have been very tight lipped on the price so far (to me anyway). I expect to find out more tomorrow or Thursday at the National Farm Equipment Show in Louisville. The tractor is pretty cool ... it is easy to drive and has plenty of power on "dry land" but I am curious to see how the CVT transmission holds up with ground-engaging implements ... not that anyone really plows anymore. I think it is cool to see a retro classic tractor though.

nebraska dave
2/9/2009 5:08:20 PM

Hank, I have fond memories of the old Ford 8N. It became standard issue of the larger than backyard but smaller than commercial gardener. All the implements were mounted and not pulled. It was really cool to pull the plow up or raise the snow blade and hit the gas at the same time to pop a wheelie. Dad just didn't see the fun in that. This New Holland Boomer seems to be the same size or maybe a little smaller but (in whispering voice) I think it may have been taking some steroids during training. Have they come out with a price list yet?