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Life and Times of Sarah Schartz

Sarah S HeadshotHello to all you GRIT-ers out there. My name’s Sarah, and I’m new to the GRIT Blog Community. I’ve been thinking for four days about some way to dazzle you all with my fascinating life, so that you’ll be dying to read what I have to write each week. Four days and I’ve come up with zilch, nada, nothing. Of course in the four-day period I’ve been building trail (and got stung twice for my efforts), bid some more jobs, started packing tools for another trail job, received what I like to call a “you are the winner – you crazy fool” phone call, and, of course, completed all of the mundane daily tasks like laundry, feeding the chickens, and family planning for the sheep . . . oh yeah and watering the flowers. I keep forgetting that.

North Umpqua Trail 

I live with Hubby and Little Man in a rural town in Southern Oregon. For those of you that know nothing about Oregon, it’s south of Portland. If you’ve heard of Eugene, it’s south of that too. We live on the wet side of the state, (No, not all of Oregon is wet. In fact, only about a third of it is. The rest is desert.) in the hundred valleys of the Umpqua (pronounced ump-kwa). Hubby and I both grew up on farms, he raised cows, I raised sheep, and yet we manage to temper the differences and prevent another range war.

I went to Oregon State University (Go Beavs!) and have a degree in Forest Recreation Resources – basically I learned how to help people have fun in the woods. After working for the Feds for a few years I decided enough was enough. Now, Hubby and I build trails in the woods and do other dirt work. We travel around the state a lot and we homeschool Little Man.

We live right across the street from the library, city hall and Central Park. So when we have bummers we get a lot of visitors. Sometimes I think if we put up a sign and charged an entrance fee to the city petting zoo we could break even on milk replacer.

So there it is in a nutshell, “The Life and Times of Sarah Schartz.” Except I forgot about the mushrooms and the meat chickens. . .oh yeah there’s the dirt bikes, the sad excuse for a garden and my home improvement fetish. Well, that will all have to wait for another time. Unless of course you fell asleep already, in which case I’m sorry.

Happy Trails!

Sarah’s Vitals
Favorite TV show: Oregon Field Guide
Favorite author: Nevada Barr
Favorite tree: Pacific dogwood
Favorite dessert: cherry crisp
Favorite river: North Umpqua