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LensPen HunterPro Kit Keeps All Your Hunting Optics Clean

Hunting season is just around the corner. While you’re readying your gear, be sure to clean your riflescope, your binoculars, your rangefinder, your camera. And keeping your optics clean on the hunt is critical. A dusty or foggy lens can cloud your views and affect your aim – or spoil a great trophy photo!

LensPen HunterPro kit includes everything you need to keep your optics clean, whether you’re tracking on a dusty trail, or out on the lake at dawn. All designed with a specific job in mind, and all included in a compact nylon carrying case that fits right on your belt.

LensPenThe Original LensPen and MiniPro II keep your lenses clean, and are easy to use outdoors. Both function the same way: slide out the brush end first and use it to effectively remove all loose dust and dirt from the lens or eyepiece. If fingerprints remain, just take the cap off the other end and the flexible chamois tip – which is impregnated with a carbon compound – is ready to tackle the toughest prints. That carbon compound is similar to the one found in printer’s ink – and the reason why newspapers remain a popular way to clean windows. Use the Original LensPen to clean riflescopes, binoculars and larger cameras; MiniPro II for compact digital cameras and eyepieces. 

 LensPen Hunter Pro KitAnd there’s more. Use MicroKlear, an incredibly soft microfiber cleaning cloth, to clean the housings of riflescopes, binoculars, cameras – any non-lens surfaces that need cleaning. And when you’re back home, just toss it in the washer, and tumble dry. FogKlear offers strong anti-fog protection in a natural fiber cloth – more than 200 anti-fog applications per cloth.

Use everything in the HunterPro kit with confidence – whether you are in extreme desert heat or arctic cold – knowing that it can do no damage of any kind to your gear or the environment. LensPen products are RoHS compliant and meet even California’s rigid Proposition 65 standards. And they sure can do a lot of good for your lenses. The HunterPro kit is a hunting necessity, not an accessory.

All this and a LensPen HunterPro kit costs less than $35! It’s available at high quality sports optics outlets.

For more information on LensPen products, go to To see a demonstration, watch the “LensPen Lens Cleaning System” video at

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