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LeafCat’s Universal Leaf Bagging System Provides Time Saving Solution to Raking

Born out of the necessity to remove leaves from the lawn and the unavailability of a proper, efficient method to do so, LeafCat’s high capacity, universal leaf collecting system eliminates the arduous task of raking up leaves with a rake and wheelbarrow.

Easily attached to any lawn tractor, the LeafCat bagging system greatly reduces the time spent bagging leaves with the conventional riding lawn tractor’s grass catching attachments which lack capacity and require very frequent stops to empty the small collection bags. The high capacity cage allows for high volume leaf collection, minimizing collection tube blockage and allowing you to cover more area with fewer stops and starts.

The LeafCat (MSRP starting at $533.99) creates valuable time saving solutions for every issue posed by collecting leaves, allowing for more time on the golf course, tennis court, hiking, biking, riding in a convertible or more importantly with family.

LeafCat offers its convenient, time-saving Universal Leaf Bagging System via For more information about the company and its products, contact LeafCat at or Avalon Communications at

LeafCat’s Unique Features Include: 

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