John Deere Adds Tractors

Company introduces two new models in compact utility tractor line.

John Deere offers a new compact tractor, the 3032E.

John Deere offers a new compact tractor, the 3032E.

courtesy John Deere

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Cary, North Carolina – John Deere’s Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division has introduced two entry models to its accomplished lineup of compact utility tractors. The new 3032E and 3038E, designed for residential property owners who seek a quality compact tractor with basic features, tackle routine jobs with ease.

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These mid-size chassis tractors feature 31.4 hp (3032E) and 37.1 hp (3038E) Yanmar diesel engines with hydrostatic drive transmission and Twin-Touch™ pedals making them a perfect choice for the jobs that customers need them to perform: moving loose materials, grading or scraping driveways, pasture mowing and planting food plots.

Positioned as opening price points to John Deere’s compact tractor line, the 3032E and 3038E come equipped with standard 4WD, power steering, electronically engaged PTO (Power Take Off), and optional cruise control.

"John Deere now has something for every level of tractor user with the introduction of the 3E Series compact utility tractors,” says John Arthur, strategy manager with John Deere’s Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division. "The models 3032E and 3038E are simple, easy to operate tractors that have everything our customers want at a value they wouldn’t expect."

When combined with the new 305 factory installed loader, the 3E Series/loader combination becomes the ultimate package of everything the consumer values and needs. With a loader lifting capacity of 1168 pounds, the combination is perfect for a variety of tasks, including moving dirt and gravel and maintaining horse barns.

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