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DR® Power Equipment Introduces New Chipper-Shredders Designed for “Serious” Yard Clean-Up, Mulching

DR® Power Equipment today introduced two new chipper/shredder models designed for home and property owners looking for a single-machine solution to tough yard debris and waste.

The company’s new 11.50 PREMIER and 14.50 PRO model Chipper/Shredders will not only shred prunings, leaves, and garden leftovers into rich, organic mulch, but also chip larger branches into valuable landscaping woodchips for paths and ornamental flower beds.

“DR Power’s new affordable chipper/shredders are designed for serious yard clean-up and mulching,” said Tom Parent, DR® Power Equipment spokesperson. “If your number one task is disposing of yard and garden waste, but you also want the ability to chip heavy branches, these new DR chipper/shredders are just what you’re looking for.”

DR Power Shredder Chipper 11 5 

The DR® 11.50 PREMIER Chipper/Shredder is the smallest and lowest-cost chipper/shredder model available from DR Power Equipment. This machine is the right choice for consumers with occasional chipping and shredding tasks. Chipping and shredding organic materials with this machine before composting will dramatically speed up the natural composting process; nutrient-rich compost can be created in just 14 days. The PREMIER rolls from garden to compost bin on a set of wheels like a hand cart and is equipped with a 250cc Briggs and Stratton 1150 Series OHV engine. The chipper will handle tree branches up to 2” thick.

DC Power Shredder Chipper 14 5 

The mid-size 14.50 PRO Chipper/Shredder is designed for serious gardeners and homeowners with large properties. By chipping and shredding yard debris, homeowners can turn “waste” into rich garden mulch and long-lasting landscaping woodchips, keeping organic matter out of landfills and in their garden where it can benefit the soil. The 14.50 PRO can be towed behind an ATV, UTV, or lawn tractor. Featuring a 305cc Briggs and Stratton 1450 Series OHV engine, the 14.50 PRO Chipper/Shredder handles chipping and shredding easily and chips branches up to 3” thick.

Parent said that while there are smaller and less expensive shredders available from other companies, DR® Power Equipment’s research shows that most of these machines are at least 2-3 times slower than the DR® Chipper/Shredders. “Buyers need to ask themselves what their time is really worth,” Parent said. “Each DR Chipper/Shredder will keep you working when other bargain brands get bogged down and clogged up.”

DR® 11.50 PREMIER Chipper/Shredder starts at a $1,899 list price while the DR® 14.50 PRO Chipper/Shredder starts at $2,099. But beginning special introductory offers make these musthave mulching machines even more affordable. Both models can be purchased at 

DR® Power Equipment also announced that it will no longer offer the 8.0 FTP Model Chipper/ Shredder.

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