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DR® Power Equipment Announces a Coring Lawn Aerator

When most people think of lush, healthy grass, golf courses and athletic fields spring to mind. Spring, summer, and fall, dedicated groundskeepers keep fairways and fields green, thick, and free of weeds. One major secret to their success is core aeration. Core aeration pulls plugs of thatch and compacted soil to create the conditions for optimal turf health.  Regular use of a core aerator is the starting place for all subsequent lawn maintenance.

When DR Power Equipment  considered aeration tools for the homeowner market it was clear that the predominant option for consumers was a spike-style aerator. Unfortunately for homeowners using those tools, spiking aerators actually increase soil compaction and can tear turf. DR Power Equipment decided that their customers deserved every advantage when it came to a healthy lawn. After months of design and testing the engineers at DR Power  perfected a professional quality core aerator that’s sized and priced right for the homeowner.

The DR Lawn Aerator, which features the coring technology used by professionals,  is manufactured in the United States by DR Power Equipment in its Winooski, Vermont facility and is available for sale directly from DR Power Equipment:


The DR® Lawn Aerator 

The self-propelled DR® Lawn Aerator pulls 2"-3" plugs of turf, thatch, and soil at four-inch intervals as it travels across the lawn. The DR Lawn Aerator is easy to handle and navigates right around trees and obstacles. The holes left behind reduce soil compaction and allow for better absorption of water, fertilizer and nutrients. The result: a healthy root system that produces beautiful, robust turf.

The key features of the unit are its synchronized cast-iron camshaft and hardened steel coring tines. Each tine is precisely angled to cleanly extract a 5/8" diameter plug of soil and automatically eject it. The tines literally "walk" the machine across  the lawn making this powerful piece of equipment self-propelled. The DR Lawn Aerator sets a comfortable pace of 2.5mph as soon as the handle is engaged.

The 205cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine provides 8 Ft-lbs Torque to the cam shaft drive. These engines are manufactured for extended life and smooth operation on the first start and the 500th.

Understanding the Benefits of Aeration 

Lawn care starts with core aeration. Aeration is an important piece of a superior lawn maintenance program, and the one that is most often neglected. Coring reduces compaction—the primary obstacle to healthy grass—allowing the lawn to breathe, absorb water and nutrients, and extend its root system. Interested consumers can learn more about how aeration fits into their lawn care system at There they can get DR Power Equipment’s 7 Proven Tips for Lawn care and learn more about this  amazing new machine.

DR Lawn Aerators start at a $1,749 list price, but beginning in 2012 introductory offers make them even more affordable.  Manual and electric start models are available.

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