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Consumers On The Winning Side With New Master Mechanic 18v Drill-Driver

Master Mechanic 18v Drill Driver

Since the first cordless drill arrived, there have been numerous transformations. What’s evolved are drill-drivers that feature better ergonomics, compact size, lighter weight, more power and lower cost-- a real consumer value. These characteristics fit the new Master Mechanic® 18V Drill-Driver to a T.

This drill-driver has all the desirable features in a compact package, such as a two-speed gearbox (0-350; 0-1400 rpm), 24-position clutch to drill and drive screws in a variety of materials and electric brake. It’s powered by the latest generation of 18V Mabuchi NiCd motors that deliver 40 percent more torque (350 in. lbs.) and a wider speed range (up to 1400 rpm) than previous NiCd models.

What’s not apparent from the outside of this tool is Master Mechanic’s attention to detail on the inside. Torque is delivered through an all-metal compact gear box made from lab-tested, powder-coated metal components integrated to the drill’s motor through a metal pinion gear. The result is longer tool life, which is supported by Master Mechanic’s 3-year warranty.

Another value is the drill-driver’s durable all-metal, 3/8”, single-sleeve chuck. The drill’s auto-spindle lock enables one- handed tightening and loosening of bits for fast bit changes.

The drill is equipped with convenience features such as a powerful LED work light, top-mounted horizontal/vertical levels, plus a soft-grip overmold handle and two, onboard screwdriver bits. This drill-driver’s head stock is pitched 10° for comfortable handling.

Two 1.5 Ah NiCd batteries are included in the kit, as well as a one-hour diagnostic charger that beeps when the charge cycle is completed. To prevent overcharging, the charger features an automatic shutoff. Also, the charger flashes if a fault has been detected. Master Mechanic provides a toll-free technical support service line (1-866-FIX-TOOL) for questions, diagnosis and replacement parts.

A tool box mainstay, a drill-driver speeds any number of projects around the house, in the yard or on the go. It helps install mini-blinds, cabinets, door hardware, electrical outlet plates, closet systems, and more.

Master Mechanic 18v Drill Driver Combo 

The Master Mechanic® 18V Drill-Driver (#134453, $69.99) includes a nylon carrying tote for storage and transport. It’s available at True Value Hardware Stores nationwide and at The Master Mechanic 18V Cordless Drill and Circular SawSet (#134474, $79.99), also is available.

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