Web Extra: Build a Birdhouse with Hand Tools

Look Ma, no power tools!


Step 2. Position a carpenters square so that the 6” mark is above one of the centerlines, and the 8” mark is above the other centerline, and draw one side of the roof angle. Flip the square and draw the other side of the roof angle

Tom Larson

Content Tools

For the “Fit for a Wren” article (read the original version here), I used a bandsaw to open up the cavity in the billets and to create the roof and bottom of this birdhouse. However, you can also make this birdhouse with hand tools.

Using a commonly available 28-inch bow saw, it took about an hour and a half to saw out the pieces for this nest box. As a test, I made one of the cuts with a hand ripsaw. It cut slower but made a neater cut and could certainly be used instead of the bow saw.

I used a marker for the layout only because the heavy lines show up clearly in photos. You should use a marking instrument (such as a scribe) with a finer point.