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1965 International 1200 Pickup

By Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief

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1965 IH 1200

In April – I think it was April – I bought another old pickup. My friend Aaron Perry noticed the old International Harvester on an auction bill and told me about it. I was scheduled to be out of town the day of the sale so Aaron bid on my behalf and won the prize for less than half my maximum price.

One might wonder why I would need another old Binder – my wife, Kate, certainly did. I told her I needed a parts truck to keep my Daily Driver on the road, and this new-old truck, a 1965 two-wheel-drive Model 1200, had all kinds of good usable parts, including a really nice box. 

The first time Aaron, his dad and I made the trip out to Lincoln County, Kansas, to retrieve the pickup, there had been so much rain all we managed to do was get really muddy while my 2003 Dodge got stuck a few times. We wound up using the come-along to winch out the Dodge and trailer, rather than loading the International. After about an hour and a half of trying to pull the IH truck off its hillside resting place, we gave up and decided to beat it back down the ½-mile-long mud trail that was the only way in or out of the field. The fact that it had started raining again played a significant role in that decision.

About five weeks later, we redid the road trip and managed to retrieve the old pickup with little more than a bit of sweat and 25 gallons of diesel fuel. It’s amazing what a warm sunny day will do for your spirit; it didn’t hurt any that the ground was dry, either.

A few weeks ago, I chased the remaining packrats out of the truck’s cab, removed the seat and cleaned the interior up a bit. With the loader-equipped Kubota tractor, I managed to back the truck into my shop. Within an hour, I had the beast up on jack stands and its wheels off. There the old Binder sat, until I was hit with a lightning bolt of motivation last Saturday.

My dilemma now is whether the truck is really a parts truck, or do I need a spare running truck for those days when my Daily Driver needs some repairs. Kate is pretty clear on the answer to that question, but I’m not so sure. What do you think?


Hank Will raises hair sheep, heritage cattle and many varieties of open-pollinated corn with his wife, Karen, on their rural Osage County, Kansas farm. His home life is a perfect complement to his professional life as editor in chief at GRIT and Capper's Farmer magazines. Connect with him on .

taylor stiles
5/7/2013 7:17:50 AM

Albert would you happen to know where to find rear drum brakes? I see that you are restoring your truck and I am assuming you might have reference to a place I can have mine replaced. If you do, I sure would appreciate it.

taylor stiles
5/7/2013 7:15:22 AM

Would anyone happen to know where to find a set of rear drum brakes for my 3/4 ton '67 International 1200 b pickup? I know that the drums are 12'' but can't find them anywhere. If anyone knows and could let me know I sure would appreciate it. Please feel free to call 541-505-0391, my name is Taylor.

albert metcalf
4/3/2013 7:47:43 PM


david martinez_1
2/27/2010 12:20:50 AM

I have a 1965 International D-1300 which is the almost the same body style, but my truck is a 1 ton dually with a flatbed and boom in back. the cab is the same and I was wondering if you decided to use the truck for parts or not cause I really need a windshield. if you would,,,please call me at 509-851-8144 and ask for David. thank you.

david martinez_2
2/27/2010 12:20:06 AM

I have a 1965 International D-1300 which is the almost the same body style, but my truck is a 1 ton dually with a flatbed and boom in back. the cab is the same and I was wondering if you decided to use the truck for parts or not cause I really need a windshield. if you would,,,please call me at 509-851-8144 and ask for David. thank you.

john w.chastain
12/27/2009 7:23:30 AM

Looking for a GOOD windshield for a 65 travelall or pu. Any one got an extra?

6/15/2009 8:32:09 AM

My father has an International pickup 1965 1200 8 cyl. The paint is original with 50,000 miles aprox. He lives in PR and he was interested to sell his pickup. Anyone looking for a good looking truck to add to their collection.

g. gartner
5/13/2009 7:19:44 PM

Nice looking "Daily Driver". Ran across the pictures when trying to look for a web site to list a classic 1964 one ton International Pickup. C1300 392 engine with a 4 speed manual. It used to be a rescue truck but has been used for STOCK CLASS POWER PULLING in North Dakota. Wife drove it and was very competitive. It has a flatbed on it. Anyone looking for a good looking truck to add to their collection. Collectors ND license plate says "KRNBNDR" email

dale merkle
11/15/2008 10:16:32 PM

Hank, I would take that old IH pick up off your hands if I lived closer. That old IH pick up is worth fixing up. I want to find an old pick up or Travelall to haul my IH Cub Cadets and the Viking Landscaper to plow days or shows. I grew up riding in a Travelall.

timothy guy
8/29/2008 10:29:02 AM

Fix it !! Drive it! Give it the new life it deserves. After all, you went to Kansas several times to get it, make it worth your while.Are you kidding?There is no such thing as too many Binders!I have a 62 c110 that I am restoring.Parts are a bear to find.But the searching has been an adventure.

hank will_2
7/29/2008 11:25:46 AM

That's my thinking too Todd. I plan to do a wee bit of body work to stem the front-end rust and then see if I can make it roadworthy. It needs a master cylinder and some other brake work, tires, seat, and some electrical work that I know of. It also needs a right-front shock mount (bolts below the spring)and I haven't tried to start the engine yet so ...

todd markle
7/29/2008 10:54:04 AM

Hank, I would fix it mechanically and run it too- even if just for running around the farm. I looks cool with the patina. It definetly looks to nice for a parts truck.

hank will_2
7/17/2008 3:12:07 PM

Great to hear from you Calvin. I agree with you too. I don't think I need as many trucks as Cub Cadets ... that's my story anyway.

calvin woodrey
7/17/2008 2:41:55 PM

Hi Hank, I think you should save it. Whats one more truck? Of course I made that same coment to my wife somewhere around 20 Cub Cadets ago. ;-)

hank will_2
7/17/2008 11:42:54 AM

Jenn -- Don't get me started on shoes :)

7/17/2008 9:33:30 AM

Hank, I've gotta speak up on Kate's behalf here. Maybe we women just don't get it (Is too many parts trucks like too many shoes?), but just how many trucks can one guy comfortably drive? When does it start to count as a "collection"? :)

hank will_2
7/17/2008 8:37:39 AM

Right now, I am leaning that way Martin. I will keep you posted.

7/16/2008 11:47:42 AM

Fix it! Fix it! Fix it! How many IH trucks do you see these days? They've practically gone the way of the Do Do bird. The picture alone cries out for another chance at the road. It's just too bad they didn't have a Travelall to go along with it!

hank will_2
7/16/2008 11:15:41 AM

Hey Jen - I suppose you have a point on the space issue. I think that means we need to build another pole barn :)

jen larson
7/15/2008 12:55:03 PM

Well, Hank, while I see where you guys are coming from with your love of the old trucks and seeing them running like new, I must also give some support to Kate's concerns about these "parts trucks" multiplying like rabbits. I don't know how much extra storage you have around your place, but in my experience, I found our garage became rather filled with "parts" cub cadets, which were, of course, far too nice to use for parts, but never seemed to make it back to refurbished condition. At some point, does it not stand to reason that some of these necessary parts can be found at other places, such as junk yards or from fellow enthusiasts, rather than waiting to be found in our garage? Then, maybe only one or two extra vehicles need to be sitting around waiting their turn for their extreme makeover? Just a thought...

hank will_2
7/15/2008 10:28:43 AM

Hey Wayne -- Kate always used to tell people that I had tractors scattered all over the country. That was only partially true :) I think I will try to get this new-old truck running and it will be fun to weld on the fenders and the like.

hank will_2
7/15/2008 7:09:03 AM

Hey Mike - I will probably keep th truck as a truck. I will take some photos of the bits of rust here and there. The transmission was frozen in gear when I first looked at it, but it shifts just fine now. The Clutch/Brake master cylinder is dry, so there is a bit of hydraulic work to do. I need to get the line setting ticket to see what rear axle it has. If it is a 5.13, I probably won't be commuting in that thing ... 45 mph is downright dangerous on US 75.

7/14/2008 9:22:57 PM

Hank, Five of my eight Cub Cadets came home as parts tractors, but all were a little too nice to be parted out. Every one of them are now running and working around the place. I don't even try and use the parts tractor excuse on my wife anymore, she caught on quick. I vote for fixing the truck, once you part it out it's gone forever. Wayne

mike schmudlach_1
7/14/2008 4:50:39 PM

Hank It's good to see you have that parts truck home and under cover. There's no question that you need to turn it into a runner. You can always make your next truck the parts machine.

aaron d perry
7/14/2008 3:13:50 PM

Hank It is my firm belief that by this time next year this truck should be a daily driver too. I have seen this truck, several times, the first when I won the bidding for it, the second when I watched a ¾ ton Dodge with a Cummings get stuck in the mud and have to be hand winched free, only to catch air mud bogging back to black top while towing a car trailer, (I don’t recommend the ½ mile of mud towing a trailer or the air we had under the truck and trailer combo at one point). And finally when we retrieved it from that lonely field with hope in its eyes to once again be driven and loved, Hank, this truck is looking to you to fix it up. Aaron