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by Kati Neville & Lindsay Tkacsik
Item # 4282

Format: Hardcover 

ISBN: 978-1-60342-726-5

Pages: 250

Copyright Year: 2007

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Saving time and money is easiest with make-ahead meals, and in Fix, Freeze, Feast you have all the steps you need for making delicious meals ahead, freezing them and enjoying them whenever you are ready.

By making food ahead you will be saving money, as you can buy seasonal products or in bulk. Freezing your meals in ready-to-eat servings will allow you to have a delicious homemade meal at the table in minutes, without having to spend hours preparing, cooking and cleaning every week. Just thaw your meals in the fridge overnight, reheat and enjoy.

With more than 100 recipes including sauces, beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian meals, as well as pastas and Mexican-style dishes you'll be on your way to filling your freezer with delicious meals that, once thawed, will take just minutes to cook.

The recipes in this book include meals you can prepare, freeze, and cook when you are ready, fully-cooked frozen meals you'll just need to thaw and reheat, as well as recipes for smoothies, freezable cookie dough and other treats.

Fix, Freeze, Feast contains tips on grocery shopping for your make-ahead meals, and recipes for using your frozen marinades and sauces in other recipes anytime, as well as labels for correctly identifying your meals in the freezer, and detailed information about cooking your once-frozen meals.

Cook ahead, skip the restaurant, save money and enjoy fast wholesome meals every night in no time.

About the Authors: Lindsay Tkacsik and Kati Neville are enthusiastic make-ahead cooks, warehouse club shoppers, and founders of meal assembly businesses. They share an appreciation for well-organized freezers and clearly labeled containers.

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