Butter, Butter, Which Is The Better Butter?

The debate has been going on for quite a while: which is better for you, real butter or margarine? Not that we will ever settle the debate for sure, but here are some facts about both.

Morel Mushrooms

Mushroom hunting is more than finding the elusive edible.

The Dirty Dozen Versus The Clean 15

Eating fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy eating plan. Yet certain varieties carry a lot more pesticide residue than others. Find out which ones fall into the "dirty dozen" and which are in the "clean 15."

Short and Sweet

Becky talks about the short syrup season in Wisconsin and more lessons learned from sugarin'.

Punching Up the Pizza with Cast Iron

A homemade pizza is a weekly event at our house. The recent purchase of a cast iron pizza pan has taken our pizza-making to professional levels.

Finding Cooking Inspiration

It wasn't until after I was married that I became inspired to cook. I find inspiration through my husband and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

Making Wine From a Kit at Home

The best way to learn about the winemaking process is to make wine from a kit for your first few batches then gradually experiment with ingredients as you become more familiar with it.

Chopped Beets

Making use of wine making by product of chopped beets.

What Is Milk Kefir

Easy to make, this delicious drink is also an amazing super food!! Read on to learn just how good for you it is and how to make it.

Pear Wine

Making pear wine is not too difficult; if I can do it anybody can do it. The beauty about wine is that at bottling time you can make the wine to your taste: leave it dry, sweeten it back a bit, make it into a sparkling wine, or make it into a dessert wine.

Cheesemaking Basics for the Beginner

Want to start making cheese at home? Here is an outline of basic equipment needs, as well as a few considerations for buying milk.

Wild Food All Around

All food was wild once, and all the vegetables in rows at the grocers were bred over centuries from what we now call weeds. Their most promising pieces were swelled and sweetened, made fleshy or fertile to fit our tastes. Yet their original cousins still lie all around us - fresher and sometimes better than the supermarket version - and this time of year the Irish hedgerows create a vertical salad bar of fruits, nuts, leaves and berries.

Tough GRIT Episode 26: "Do-Si-Do"

It’s a showdown at the hoedown! These gutsy contestants battle it out for $1000 to Tractor Supply Company when they roast a pig over an open pit and churn delicious homemade ice cream with special musical guests County Road 5.

Crappie Casserole With Spinach Recipe

Bring your catch to the table with, out of our favorite crappie recipes, this simple and delicious Crappie Casserole With Spinach Recipe.

Nothing Needs to be Wasted

Up to 80 per cent of our food is wasted – inexcusable in a world with so many struggling farmers and starving children. The silver lining, though, is that this means we could cure world hunger right now with what we already have. The first step, though, is eliminating waste in your own life.

Watermelon Pickles Recipe

Grit associate editor Jean Teller shares a watermelon pickles recipe to use up your excess watermelon crop.

Watermelon Preserves Recipe

Grit associate editor Jean Teller shares a watermelon preserves recipe perfect for using up your excess watermelon crop.

Watermelon Rind Preserves Recipe

Grit associate editor Jean Teller shares a watermelon rind preserves recipe perfect for canning your abundant watermelon crop.

Rendering Animal Fats - Tallow

Purchasing tallow rendered can be costly if you need it in bulk or like to have a large supply on hand so I render my own. Here's the process to render any animal fat that you need :)

Homemade Buttermilk and Dill Salad Dressing

Making your own salad dressing is very economical and can be made out of simple nutritious home grown items. One of my favorite is buttermilk and dill salad dressing.

Rhubarb Cake

Celebrate rhubarb season with cake!

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Cream of Asparagus soup--you can have your half-and-half, and still be healthy. It's mostly asparagus, for cryin' out loud!

Strawberries N Tears

As a young boy of ten I loved to pick strawberries. Mom taught me how to make a strawberry pie. I baked this pie for our youngest sister every year on June 2, strawberry season in Pennsylvania. Then a careless surgeon ended her life and my ritual.

Carrot and Ginger Salad

This bright and flavorful salad makes a wonderful warm weather side dish or topping for your favorite grilled seafood.

Arkansas Wild Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Herbs

I had a fun time thinking of all the foods that grew wild in our part of the country and how, today, if we want any of them, we have to at least go to the grocery store and plunk down our hard earned cash for what we used to pick for free.

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Recipe my mother used to make for us when we went on vacation to a northern Minnesota resort

How to Make Your Own Buttermilk

Once you discover the many uses of buttermilk you will be using it a lot. Instead of buying buttermilk make it yourself; it is so easy to make it at home.

Baked Apples - Your Way!

Baked apples are scrumptious on the grill or from the oven - plus, you can customize the toppings!

Goth's Rhubarb Cake

A tasty old-world recipe from 3 sisters who lived on their father's original farm well into the eighties and nineties.

Make your own Violet Soda from your Garden

Violets are not only beautiful and plentiful this time of year in many gardens and yards, they are also edible and have several health benefits. Why not make some easy Homemade Violet Soda?

Canned Strawberry Jam

By canning your own food, you get the best quality at the peak of the season. I canned these French variety strawberries frozen from last season into a wonderful jam. Enjoy this easy recipe!

Homemade Banana Cream Pie

Learn how I make banana cream pie from scratch. It's practically healthy to eat pie made with fresh bananas, milk, farm fresh eggs, and a homemade pie crust.

Gardener's Sore Muscle Soak

Spring time is so much fun, but can also be strenuous on your muscles. Try this simple, relaxing recipe to sooth your muscles and mind.

Homemade Ginger Ale

Homemade Ginger Ale offers many health properties, including relieving indigestion and other stomach aches.

Easy Homemade Biscuits

Hot fresh homemade biscuits can liven up any meal. They also taste delicious alone, topped with homemade cream cheese and fruit butter. Making homemade biscuits is not hard at all and is actually quite enjoyable.

Breakfast Smoothie with Corn Shoots

Enjoy a quick and easy breakfast-to-go! Add extra nutrition and flavor to your fruit smoothies with greens you've grown yourself.


Kombucha- the drink the Chinese call the 'immortal health elixir.' I have been experimenting with Kombucha and believe this to be the right mix to get a naturally effervescent,sweet fizzy tea. Enjoy!

All Purpose Natural House Cleaner

Chemicals are everywhere! Here is a safe cleaner to use all around your house without harsh chemicals. So safe, you could drink it. With little ones running around, pets or simply for the benefits of all natural products, this cleaner is awesome!

Homemade Baby Food

Baby food made easy at home! Knowing where your food comes from is as important for you and more important for sensitive baby tummies. Try out these super simple fresh recipes to save a bundle on your little bundle.

Friday Fish Recipe

Sauteed Pompano fillets in a white wine butter sauce for an easy spring dinner

Homemade Spicy Ginger Ale

Homemade soda pop made from fresh ingredients is an easy, special treat. With only a few supplies learn how you can make this Spicy Ginger Ale.

Best Zucchini Bread Ever!

Zucchini plants producing a ton? Show them who's boss and shred em'. After shredding, freeze it and take out later for delicious treats in the winter months. This zucchini bread recipe will certainly make its way into your recipe box!

Rutabaga-Sweet Potato Hash

They have a funny name, but don't let that stand in the way of eating this unheralded vegetable!

Starting Cuttings with Willow Water and Yummy Salad Dressing Recipes

I'm always looking for things to do to get me through the winter months... even if those things are projects that won't happen until springs warmer days arrive! I am planning on getting into the green house this week and starting some seeds... I can't even wait. Lavender, peppers, eggplant, leeks, onions along with a bunch of herbs to name a few.

Mexican Lasagna Recipe

Layer enchilada sauce, tortillas with cooked ground chicken and green chilies, then top with sour cream and cilantro for a dish that will quickly become a family favorite.

Chicken Chili Recipe

Turn chicken thighs into a delicious chicken chili with cloves, chili powder, cumin seed, green chilies and chicken stock.

Chicken Stew Recipe

Fill this chicken stew with different bell pepper, tomatoes, potatoes, and add roasted garlic.

Chicken Kabobs Recipe

Italian salad dressing spices up chicken breasts before becoming delicious kabobs constructed with chicken, yellow onion and more.

Chicken Barley Soup Recipe

Roasting chicken provides the protein for this barley soup, made with chicken broth, bouillon and mixed vegetables.

Chicken Breast Stir-Fry Recipe

Chili paste, tomatoes and fresh basil add to this Chicken Breast Stir-Fry Recipe, which is served with ziti and Romano cheese.

Moroccan Chicken Legs Recipe

Ragout accompanies this Moroccan Chicken Legs Recipe that includes diced tomatoes, green olives and capers.

Autumn Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Make your own pie crust to surround this delicious chicken pot pie recipe, filled with pearl onions, carrots, fresh ginger, cooked chicken and more. 

Lemon Chicken Recipe

Lemon chicken set off by rosemary, artichoke hearts, lemon juice and lemon zest.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie with Herbed Crust

An herbed crust puts a spin on the traditional chicken pot pie recipe. It's a wonderful cold winter evening comfort dinner plus a great way to use up leftover cooked chicken and vegetables.

Tomato Cornbread

Simple, delicious, different: cornbread made with a can of soup

Soufflé Omelet Recipe

Puffy soufflé omelet is baked, then served immediately for a great brunch treat. 

Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

For a great dessert, serve a chocolate soufflé; ingredients include cocoa powder and vanilla extract.

Egg Salad Recipe

A hard-boiled egg, some minced onion and a few other ingredients creates a classic egg salad; serve on lettuce, in a sandwich or stuffed in tomatoes.

Eggs Benedict Recipe

Hollandaise adds the perfect touch for these Eggs Benedict; use either Canadian bacon or smoked salmon on the English muffin before adding the eggs.

Make a Basic Cheese Soufflé

Egg yolks and egg whites are beaten separately, with cheddar cheese and fresh herbs added, to give this cheese soufflé its lift and flavor.

Basic Frittata Recipe

This unfolded omelet is great way to use leftovers, and you can cook on the stovetop or under the broiler.

Oven-Scrambled Eggs Recipe

All you need for great scrambled eggs is a baking pan, eggs, cream cheese or cottage cheese and your oven.

Basic Baked Eggs Recipe

Ramekins and a dash of half-and-half make great individual baked eggs for a family brunch.

Basic Poached Eggs Recipe

Use a slotted spoon to remove poached eggs from simmering water before yolks lose creaminess.

Basic Egg Recipes

Learn the basics of preparing poached eggs, baked eggs, omelets, cheese quiche and more.

Homemade Pizza

Next time you're in the mood for pizza, try making your own!

Supporting Local: How Can I Do This? 350 Project and Yummy Tuscan Soup and Onion Recipes!

Local is an important thing to many people, not just to the businesses but also to the consumer. I remember when I was a young girl growing up in Windsor, Ontario and going to 'town' with my grandma... the little downtown and the "five & dime" shops. I remember the 'big' store downtown where grandma use to do a lot of the domestic shopping...

How to Make Your Own Extracts

Have you ever considered making your own extracts? It's easy and only takes a few ingredients and a bit of patience.

New Recipes for the New Year

Here we share several of our newest holiday recipes sure to please your sweet tooth! Try our Buckeye Balls, Snowball Cookies, or Pumpkin Bread at your next gathering.

Mesquite Flour Pancakes – A Southwest Treat!

Our BnB guests love Barbara's recipe for yeast raised pancakes with mesquite flour. Milled from mesquite beans picked from our own trees, this sweet, nutty flour is gluten free, tasty, and healthy. A real treat for guests at our desert homestead.

New Year-New Life!

A big move and a new job mean a new way of looking at the country life

Host A Cookie Exchange Luncheon, Making The Invitation and Some Yummy Cookie Recipes!

Its cold, its blowing, there's snow on the ground, ice on the windshields and us summer lovers need to keep looking for things to keep us occupied until we can dig in the dirt. Now that all the holiday hustle and bustle is over, we are getting ready for our New Years Eve parties, lets think food... cookies particularly today! Forget the resolutions and enjoy life... like a wise one once wrote, "Life is short, eat desert first!" The gyms and the weight loss programs are gonna be there next week... so just have some good, homemade fun with friends you enjoy being around! What could be more fun than gathering together with a group of our close friends and family when you include cookies and lunch? Well of course the getting ready for it... making the invitations, decorating the tables, preparing the food and baking those pretty cookies. Not to mention buying just the right containers for your guests to package up all your love in!

Slow Cooker Cabbage Beef Soup

A warm and hearty soup that you can set up and let simmer while you enjoy visiting with family and friends this holiday season.

How to Care for a Refinished Cast Iron Sink

Nothing says ‘country decor’ more than a vintage cast iron sink. Except maybe a log cabin. Or a big pick-up truck. But nothing says ‘botulism’ or some other sort of nasty bacterial infection more than a vintage cast iron sink that’s been scratched

Pickling Horseradish

How to preserve this spicy condiment for use in your favorite dishes.

How to Make Butter

Making butter is an incredibly simple task and the reward is unmatched.

Minestrone Soup with A Twist

Enjoy this easy delicious Minestrone Soup for dinner tonight. You'll just love it with Tortellini!

Sustainability and Food Shortage?

When I first got out of the service, and was living on Oahu I became homeless. The housing was expensive and even though I had a job, the money was not that great. I could rent a room or a couch every once in a while so that I could stay clean, but

Thanksgiving Traditions

Delicious dinner rolls to serve your guests at Thanksgiving dinner. A great way to use sweet potatoes.

Recipe for Sweet Pepper Relish

This recipe is a great way to use up the final batch of sweet peppers from our garden and allow us to enjoy them all winter long.

Can you lower your living expenses with organic farming?

In California, they are working to legislate proper food labeling, due to modified food products being used in processed foods.This will raise the cost of foods in the stores, as well as put some companies out of business. Lawyers will...

Recipes for Homemade Pumpkin Flavoring, for Everything!

Andy Sell gives a one-fits-all recipe for a number of pumpkin flavored desserts and savory dishes. Take advantage of the decor at your door and make some truly pumpkin-flavored goodness before the harvest season ends!

Chili in a Hurry

As the weather cools down, the kitchen heats up with a delicious, quick and simple chili. Try this under 30 minute recipe for dinner tonight.

Planning for Canning

Sarah tries to organize her life by planning for fruit. She discovers that fruit is on a mission to take over her home.

Fall is for canning.

I have spent the fall in the kitchen. I have canned tomatoes, potatoes, corn, green beans, meat, jelly, and more. I have discovered a couple tricks along the way I would like to share.

Homesteading Last Year (HLY) # 1: Fishing in the Channel

Becky begins a series of blogs that catch us up on what her family did last year in order to preserve or acquire food in interesting and unique ways. This one begins with small time fishing, but offers a warning about polluted waterways.

Berry Buffet

The State of Washington isn't only known for apples, but also for raspberries.

Sally Ann Cookies

If you were at a grocery store in the 1940s, you might have grabbed a bag of Sally Ann Cookies instead of Oreos.

Mexican Stacked Lasagna

A simple, easy, and delicious dinner is within reach tonight. Try this Mexican twist on an American favorite!

Organic Food and Aquaponics

You have a small area, and you want to eat healthier, have you heard of organic food and aquaponics? With the stress of a busy life, what is it that you do to increase your health? One way is through eating better and taking a break.

Mexican Tomato Soup

Bring the taste of Mexico into your kitchen tonight with this delicious tomato soup that tastes like it's from South of the Border.

Vegetable Buffet

Recently my CSA box included romanesque and I explain what to do with it.

Summer Supper

A fresh way to celebrate summer vegetables

Rustic Grilled Bruschetta

Fresh tomatoes and basil are ready in the garden. Here is a simple delicious recipe for the grill that keeps you from heating up your kitchen during these hot lazy days of summer.

Eating Great Britain, Part II: Pickling

My childhood love of pickles reaches new heights on a trip to England, where I discover pickled onions. An official convert, I try my hand at pickling my own batch of small onions from our Texas garden.

Eating Local Means Great Food!

When your own garden goes bust, the local farmers market is a great resource. The best health advice I've heard for some time is - Just Eat Real Food. Here is a farmers market recipe for Calabacitas that is delicious.

Our First Sausage Making Experience

Join us as we make our first farm fresh sausage! Step by step instructions and supply list for making your first sausage, including photo's to help guide you. Sweet Italian Sausage recipe included!

Lemon Poke Cake Recipe

Delightful directions come with this Lemon Poke Cake Recipe from Barbara Hill, Sanger, California. 

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC is proud to announce construction has been completed on their environmentally friendly coffee roasting facility.

Cottage Food Laws

A brief look at the Texas cottage food law, in light of its June anniversary.

Farm to Table Restaurants

Farmer and chef share their unique perspectives on locally grown food and meat provided for farm to table restaurants.

Good Food, Good Farms

Today's innovative farmers are paving the way for a bright, green future

It Helps To Be Organized When You Live In The Country

Stocking up on supplies reduces your number of shopping trips. Planning meals ahead of time can save time and wasted trips to get those supplies. And a few minutes invested in preparation in the evening can make hectic mornings a whole lot smoother.

Mary Ann or Ginger?

The Urban Bystander weighs in on the age old question about shipwrecked castaways.

Heaven Is ...

This cake was a big hit at our Easter celebration! Why don't you give it a try? Your family and friends will thank you!

Hasselback Potatoes

Simple ingredients. Fancy cutting anyone can master. It's a new way to gussy up plain ol' potatoes!

Apple Nut Bread

A small variation to a recipe turns out to be a keeper with this yummy, homemade bread.

Not Just Plain Vanilla

Making your own vanilla can save a lot of money and pump up the flavor in your recipes.

Roasting a turkey ... 1860-style

Roasting a turkey using an old-fashioned reflector oven (or tin kitchen) is not only easy, it's absolutely delicious!

Sugar Cookie Cups

These little cookie cups are wonderful for parties, holidays, or special occasions.

Delicious Pound Cake and Thumbs Up Salisbury Steak

A simple pound cake recipe that can be served up plain or garnished with ice cream, whipped topping, or yogurt and fresh fruit, and a Hearty Salisbury Steak that's sure to please on a cold winter day.

Salisbury Steak: A Cure for the Winter Cold

Neither the school cafeteria's cardboard meat-like substance, nor the 19th century "health food" developed by Dr. James H. Salisbury, "Mom's Salisbury Steak" is a delicious meal for a cold winter's day.

Make Yourself Some Herb Bread

A delicious bread that is a great compliment to any meal, or stands alone. This makes a large loaf, so you'll be able to share, IF you want to! :)

Very Simple Homemade Cheese

This is a very easy homemade cheese recipe that anyone can make without a lot of fuss or special equipment. It is great as a salad topping, or added to stir-fry!

Kid-Friendly Christmas Cookies Sure to be a Hit

Want an easy, family-oriented recipe for that cookie exchange? Take an hour, bond with the kids or achieve a new level of inner peace with this great recipe Becky found from King Arthur Flour.

Collard Greens Soup

What's the best "take a break" food between the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham? Perhaps it's a bowl of healthy, vegetarian soup that is fully satisfying for a winter night.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Sarah describes the month of Thanksgiving traditions and shares her favorite new cranberry recipe.

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Quick biscuits don't need to be out of a can! Make fresh, flavorful and healthy biscuits just as fast, and you'll have a "sweet" time.

Favorite Cookbooks: Let's Get Comfortable

Your favorite cookbook is not necessarily the most-used one in your kitchen, it's the one that gives you the most comfort. It's like wrapping yourself up in a quilt made by your maternal grandmother. Get cozy and remember your own favorite.

Favorite Cookbooks: Let's Get Practical

A good cookbook is worth its weight in gold – maybe gold potatoes, but that's good enough. Here are some that have the best-ever side-dish recipes. Is one of your favorites on the list?

Cereal Crimes: Bottom of the Breakfast Bowl

The Cornucopia Institute has just published a report showing the sharp distinctions between actual organic breakfast cereals, and those advertised as 'natural.' Since 'natural' has no defined meaning, those cereals may contain anything.

Caramel Sweet Potatoes

This creamy Southern Sweet Potatoes recipe is quick, simple, delicious and just what you need when the thought of cooking one more dish makes you cringe.

Shop an Online Farmers’ Market

An online farmers’ market succeeds in its convenience for customers and ability to function even in bad weather.

Rutabaga Apple Casserole

These unique vegetables will win you over. Try this Rutabaga Apple Casserole recipe and see for yourself!

Mashed Rutabaga With Onion

Consider growing and cooking rutabagas this year – particularly this Mashed Rutabaga With Onion recipe – for an easy way to give your dinner some roots. Mash them, slice them or throw them in a casserole.

Mashed Rutabagas and Potatoes

Consider growing and cooking rutabagas this year, for an easy way to give your dinner some roots. This recipe for Mashed Rutabagas and Potatoes will win you over.

Herbs and Cheese Bread Recipe

Next time you're in the mood to bake and try something new, try this Herbs and Cheese Bread recipe; it doubles as pizza dough!

Homemade White Bread Recipe

Next time you go to make that delicious chicken salad, use this homemade white bread recipe to take it to the next level.

How to Make Sourdough Bread

Learn how to make sourdough bread, and cook up some hearty and delicious pioneer fare in your kitchen.

Sourdough Bread Recipe

Try this Sourdough Bread recipe next time, and take ordinary sandwich-making to the next level.

Sourdough Pancakes Recipe

Next time you want to put a twist on a breakfast classic, turn to this Sourdough Pancakes recipe.

Desert Homestead Bread: One of Life’s Little Miracles

Watching Barbara turn some whole wheat flour plus honey, yeast, salt, and oil into golden brown loaves of fresh, healthy bread is one of my life's real pleasures. Low cost, no artificial ingredients, and the flavor of fresh bread. What's not to like?

Apple Stack Cakes

In response to a Facebook question from Suzanne Cox, one of our Grit bloggers, we have a few Apple Stack Cake recipes to share.

Mixing Up Your Own Mulling Spices

There's something so comforting about a nice cup of hot cider warmed with delicious spices like: ginger, cinnamon, allspice and cardamom. I usually just add a few bits of each spice to a pot each evening then fill it with cider and allow it to steep.

Dessert Me!

Peaches with cornmeal shortcakes, yum!

Solar Oven: Homemade Granola Baked by the Sun

We love the fresh taste and low cost of homemade granola. To keep from heating up the kitchen in the hot Arizona summer and to save energy, we make our granola in a Solar Oven. Give Barbara’s recipe a try!

Key West Green Beans

Spicy, crunchy fried green beans. Take a Midwestern vegetable, dash it with Asian spice, and figure out where it came from. Key West? You've got to be kidding.

Homemade Yogurt: Tasty, Healthy, and Inexpensive

Nearly every morning, Barbara and I enjoy homemade yogurt with our granola, also homemade, here in the Arizona desert. With a few standard kitchen tools, you can share our enjoyment of great homemade yogurt while saving money in your food budget.

Fresh Corn Pudding Recipe

Try this Fresh Corn Pudding recipe on the side with any main dish for a fresh corn pudding made with fresh ears.

Citrus Coleslaw Recipe

For a delicious summer coleslaw, try your campfire cooking hand at this Citrus Coleslaw recipe.

Dutch Oven Biscuits Recipe

Next time you head out camping, try this Dutch Oven Biscuits recipe in the morning, and you'll be quite popular in camp.

Ranch Beans Recipe

Take the Dutch oven outdoors and perfect this Ranch Beans recipe, an American West classic.

Mop Sauce Recipe

Combat the drying of an open fire with this great Mop Sauce recipe.

Smoked Pork Recipe

Take your time with this Smoked Pork recipe. It's absolute gold.

Best Beef Burger Recipe

Use your best beef onhand with this Best Beef Burger recipe for the ultimate afternoon grilling experience.

Memphis Rub Recipe

Use this Memphis Rub recipe on anything from pork tenderloin to beef ribeye steaks.

Honey Almond Brickle Ice Cream Recipe

Top this homemade Honey Almond Brickle Ice Cream recipe with homemade Honey Almond Brickle, and those you're feeding will be treated to a rare, elegant dessert.

Cooking With Honey

Cooking with honey is one way to eliminate sugar consumption.

Chocolate Torte With Honey

This chocolate torte with honey finishes meals with elegance and finesse. Raspberries and whipped cream are perfect complements.

Sweet Chili Recipe

This sweet chili recipe is packed with flavor and made with tofu which makes it a delicious alternative to meat.

Honey Crisp Apples With Nutmeg Cream

Indulge a little with these honey crisp apples with a nutmeg cream that will lift your soul to new heights with each and every bite.

Honey BBQ Shredded Pork

Honey BBQ Shredded Pork is the perfect main dish for a hearty protein-packed meal.

Carrot Soup Recipe

Creamy and decadent, this Carrot Soup Recipe is great for cool weather.

Honey Granola Recipe

Chomp down on this Honey Granola recipe – it's sweet, filling and very healthy!

Baking With Honey Recipes

Put down the sugar bowl and switch to honey with these wholesome baking-with-honey recipes.

Honey Sweet Corn Cakes Recipe

Honey Sweet Corn Cakes Recipe is soul food designed for heavy hearted, hard working folks with a hankering for comfort food.

Honey Almond Brickle Recipe

Spoon some of this delicious Honey Almond Brickle recipe over your Honey Almond Brickle Ice Cream for a bold touch.

Pumpkin Pound Cake Recipe

Have this pumpkin pound cake recipe near your side when your pumpkin harvest gets underway.

Pumpkin Custard Recipe

Using nature's golden sweetener, honey, this Pumpkin Custard recipe is a creamy fall treat.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Recipe

Dust the top of this Lemon Poppy Seed Cake recipe with confectioner's sugar, and your guests will be chomping at the bit.

Savory Bacon Muffin Recipe

Nothing says country like bacon and muffins. Put them together with this savory bacon muffin recipe.

Fried Red Tomatoes

Country cookin' Gladys Taber is a little-known gem: her vegetable recipes are simple to make, yet gourmet to the tongue.

Homemade Mac and Cheese is HOT!

Homemade mac and cheese is the comfort food of the moment, and GRIT magazine shows how to make great, basic macaroni and cheese. Where you go from there is up to you.

Say Cheese!

An easy recipe to make fresh ricotta cheese at home.

Living Off the Land

By living off the land, one couple's hard work pays off to help make life rewarding.

Bejeweled Rice Recipe

Brown rice with fruit: you can make yourself like almost any side dish if you "sweet talk" it!

Bejeweled Rice

Foods you don't like just need a little sweet-talking to convince them they're good. Ask that stubborn brown rice: fruit improved its disposition!

Ramps (Wild Leeks): When is Local not Kosher?

Ramps have recently become a very popular wild food, and the unprecedented demand is driving over harvesting in eastern forests. The current trend unabated could one day lead to a severe decline of ramp populations. Leaf harvest may be an alternative.

Roses, Bees and Cows on My Plate

Honeycomb can be combined with various cheeses, and a sharp cheddar makes a great taste treat with the addition of rose water. An unusual taste sensation for most westerners. Buying local honeycomb and cheese supports your nearby farmers.

Buying Beef From a Local Farm

Do you prefer meat from a local rancher/farmer or from the grocery store? Have you ever stopped to think which is best for your family and which is best for your pocketbook?

Check Out the Have-More Plan

A how-to homesteading book from the 1940s makes for interesting reading, especially about setting up a harvest kitchen.

Easy Chicken Enchilada Recipe

This unconventional easy chicken enchilada recipe will cure your craving for foods south of the border.

Roasted Chicken and Gravy Recipe

Incorporate chicken, roasted vegetables and pan gravy in this roasted chicken and gravy recipe for an all-in-one fall chicken treat.

Leeks Au Gratin Recipe

The news has "leeked" out – leeks aren't just a soup ingredient or flavoring vegetable. They can be the star in this rich side dish. It's easy, but people will think you're an expert at French cooking!

Soft Pretzel Recipe

You don't have to go to the ballpark for a soft pretzel, just try our Soft Pretzel recipe.

Dill Bread Recipe

There's really nothing like a slice off a loaf of dill bread still hot from the oven. Use this Dill Bread recipe and see for yourself.

Rye Bread Recipe

Rye flour produces a rare gem with this Rye Bread recipe.

Oat Raisin Bread Recipe

This Oat Raisin Bread Recipe is an old-fashioned recipe that will leave your loved ones wanting for more.

Basic White Bread Recipe

It's not as hard as you think. Use this Basic White Bread recipe and whip up your first batch of the finest.

How Bread Works

Learn how bread works; the secrets to cultivating yeast and developing gluten.

Cabbage Recipe: A 'Head' of the Game

Cabbage need not be considered sour, or acidic, or bitter. Here's a mild cabbage recipe anyone can love. Of course it includes bacon! That always helps.

Quinoa: Ancient Secret

This protein-filled side dish has been popular for thousands of years – but you and I just didn't know that!

The State of the Future - Keep Planting Seeds

The UN's State of the Future report paints a grim picture of what may lie just ahead, meanwhile many millions work with intelligence and wisdom to create something else that is wholesome and enduring ... the Millennial Agrarians.

Weekends Call for Soup

K.C. turns to sweet potato chicken soup for warming the cockles of more than just her heart.

Kat's Salsa Fresco Recipe

Kathleen "Kat" Montgomery, and her Kat's Salsa Fresco recipe, began doing business at the urging of friends.

Pawpaw Strawberry Mousse Recipe

Have leftover strawberries this year? Your family is in luck. Use this Pawpaw Strawberry Mousse recipe and let us know what you think.

The Best Side-Dish Restaurant in America

If you thought Southern cooking was all about lard and frying, take another look. Here's a place with the true secret of Southern cooking: vegetables are king!

Rethinking Our Food Supply

My dislike for the industrial food system in our nation has always occupied an area of my mind, trying to coax me to change my food shopping ways. Now a new book, Farmer Jane, challenges me to act upon what my brain has been telling me all along.

Sweet Potato Greens Recipe

You can get more out of your sweet potatoes than just the tubers. Do like Grandma Mallory did, and eat the leaves, too!

Traditional Fig Jam Recipe

If you find yourself looking at a plate of figs in the refrigerator, turn to this old favorite Traditional Fig Jam recipe.

Raspberry Jam Recipe

Use this Raspberry Jam recipe for a little something just like grandma used to make.

Grilled Vegetables

Go beyond grilling only corn on the cob and potatoes--here's how to cook almost any veggie on the coals!

Seasonal Fruits in Chutneys

These recipes aren't ones I usually think about when planning to make the most of the fruit that's available but they are great!

Grizzly Baked Grits

Not sure about grits cuz it's goopy? Here's a baked grits with bacon and cheese that everyone can love.

Freezing Your Scraps

LeAnna has been scheming with her freezer to find ways to save more of our food. Here are some of her tricks.

Frozen Lemon Squares Take the Heat Off Summer

This frosty, sweet and slightly tart dessert really hits the spot when the temperatures start soaring. Frozen Lemon Squares have won raves every time I've taken them to a picnic or potluck lately!

Common Sense, Clean Food

The recently released report of the President's Cancer Panel, and the growing industrial catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, make it glaringly plain: clean land and clean food are our path to survival and good health.

Grown-Up Candied Carrots

Avoid the corn syrup or marshmallows and make this delicious honey-kissed version of candied carrots.

Strawberry Fields (Forever, I hope)

We woke up early and headed out to Twin Oaks Family Fun Farm to pick a few pounds of fresh strawberries to make both quick and easy jam as well as to preserve for future deserts when the season is long gone.

The Sweet Story of Snickerdoodle Cookies

The snickerdoodle cookie has been around a long time and the basic recipe varies little. However, there are some definite tips and tricks to making the perfect snickerdoodle with crispy edges and a soft middle.

Spice Up the Holidays

McCormick & Co. offers a few new spice combinations to spice up your holidays!

Homemade Pizza

Brent and LeAnna take their Friday night homemade pizza to a new level by making their own mozzarella.

I (Heart) Recipes

It's fairly apparent Jean likes recipes. Check out the latest from Good Things to Eat!

Recipe Collector

A request for help locating a few elusive recipes for our GRIT readers.


Debbie explores this sewing craft and adds new healthy recipes.

Saving Seed

Many flowers and plants have seeds that are easily saved.

On Being a Locavore

We locavores certainly do eat well – even when we don’t even know that’s what we are.

Celebrating Those Summertime Blues

Here in South Haven, blueberry is king, and our contribution to the fruit festival line-up is the National Blueberry Festival.

Choosing A Chicken Breed

My husband and I decided we were going to start a small flock of chickens. We wanted to be able to raise our own meat and eggs for economic reasons, and because we like knowing exactly what is in the food we eat. We decided we would choose two different breeds to start this flock. AND SO IT BEGAN!

Blue Milk?

Secrets to milk’s color are all about deflection.

Where Swiss Gets Holes and Other Cheesy Tidbits

Part art and part science, cheese making integrates many variables into a product that reflects nuance of raw material, environment and process - not unlike the great wines of the world.

Gad Zukes!

Those elongated green fruits don't look a thing like cantaloupe.

Greenmarket and More

Administered by the Council on the Environment of New York City, Greenmarket organizes and manages open-air markets in the city.

Made for the Greenmarket

On a Saturday in early June, I accompanied Liz to the Union Square Greenmarket, which is comprised of several dozen vendors marketing all types of produce - fruits, vegetables and even lamb chops.

Raw Milk: What's the Fuss About?

Raw milk has enjoyed quite a bit of press in the past few years and the only thing that's for sure is that folks don't agree about the benefits and/or risks of consuming it.

Soft Drink Debate

This soft drink debate covers where in the U.S. use the name Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke, includes information on regions that use specific words to describe their soft drinks.

Fried Morel Mushrooms Recipe

Joshua Young shares his tips on foraging for mushrooms and his fried morel mushrooms recipe. Originally published as "Fry Up a Batch of Morels" March/April 2007 GRIT MAGAZINE.

Learn to Use Medicinal Herbs Safely

Learn how to use medicinal herbs safely, includes information on Sassafras, Sarsaparilla and Bayberry herbs. Originally published as "Use Herbs Safely" March/April 2007 GRIT MAGAZINE.

Guide for Shopping Organic

An easy-to-carry wallet-sized guide for shopping organic that helps shoppers stay away from pesticide-contaminated produce.

Angelic Organics Evolution Into Biodynamic Farming

In this interview, "Farmer John" Peterson talks about how Angelic Organics turned to biodynamic farming and became a successful community supported farm. Originally published as "The Joy of Feeding People" January/February 2007 GRIT MAGAZINE.

Raising Goats for Milk

Raising goats for milk has benefits, goats frolicking around your farm are a hoot to watch as well as a great source of fresh milk. Originally published as "Pint-size Goats = Gallons of Milk" January/February 2007 GRIT MAGAZINE.

Soup-Making Tips

Madalene Hill and Gwen Barclay share soup-making tips to make your soup recipes shine, includes herbs to add to soups, soup starters and recipes for soup stock.