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Jean TellerWhile I love to talk movies, I’ve been allowing the real world to interfere with my writing about them. (Sorry, Dave!) So I’m going to play catch up today. I also have a few books waiting in the wings for future reviews. Stay tuned!

The last time we talked about movies, it was February and the Academy Awards. Hope you’ve all seen The King’s Speech. Well worth the rental, believe me!

So it’s been kind of quiet for me and the cineplex. Heavens, I just noticed I haven’t told you what I’ve seen since December! Yikes!

January: True Grit (good); Black Swan (good but disturbing and difficult to watch); The Mechanic (not that great, even for a Jason Statham action flick).

Toy Story 3 takes the toys on another adventure in 3D.

February: Unknown (not bad, worth a rental); and rentals, Toy Story 3 (good), Winter’s Bone (depressing and difficult to watch), The Social Network (not worth it), The Town (decent action, Jeremy Renner and Ben Affleck are good), Saving Grace (fun but not great), The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (the third in the Swedish trilogy is well done, again difficult to watch, as are the first two).

March: The Company Men (depressing but well done), The Adjustment Bureau (very good!), and rentals Miss Pettigrew Lived for a Day (worth the rental) and The Children of Huang Shi (well done , based on a true story, but I didn’t like the ending). 

April: Source Code (good with a neat twist), Hanna (definitely not worth it), and rentals How Do You Know (better than I expected) and Kinky Boots (fun).

 Pirates of the Caribbean continues with On Stranger Tides, starring Johhny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. 

May: Fast Five (I’ve seen the others in the series so had to see this one too), Thor (good action and special effects, light on plot, of course), Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (fun, not much to it, though); and rental Just Wright (fun, lightweight).

Kung Fun Panda 2 opens May 27.

For Memorial Day weekend, we have opening The Hangover Part II (no, thank you), Kung Fu Panda 2 (eventually), and The Tree of Life (in limited release, and I’ll probably see it eventually).

So what’s coming up in June? Not much, I’m afraid.

The first weekend of the month brings X-Men: First Class to the big screen. I enjoyed the others in the franchise, so this is one of the ones I’ll probably see in the theater. We also have the limited release of The Beginners with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer. This one looks very good, and I hope it plays somewhere near me.

Super 8, directed by J.J. Abrams, stars Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler.On June 10, Super 8 opens. With Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler, and directed by J.J. Abrams, Super 8 looks pretty good. I like science fiction and aliens, so this might be one to see in the theater. We also have in limited release a Norwegian release, The Troll Hunter, which might be worth seeing.

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds.For the June 17 weekend, Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard, opens. I think I’ll go see this one in the theater, as the special effects look pretty awesome. Although, if it’s playing only in 3D, I’ll skip it. Also opening this weekend is Jim Carrey’s latest, Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I just saw the trailer for this one, and it looks like fun. A limited release is a documentary titled Buck, about a horse whisperer.

The last weekend of the month brings Cars 2 to your local theater. Lots of great voices, and even a couple of well-known race car drivers are on the list. Darrell Waltrip voices the character of Darrell Cartrip, and Jeff Gordon voices Jeff Gorvette. Looks like fun. An indie selection, A Better Life, looks pretty good, though I doubt if it makes it into many theaters.

You might keep an eye on July: Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens July 1, and the Harry Potter series concludes with The Deathly Hallows Part 2 on July 15. We also have another comic book coming to the screen with Captain America:The First Avenger opening July 22. And a big one for me will be Cowboys and Aliens, which opens July 29.

Cowboys & Aliens stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. 

What’s on your to-see list? See ya at the movies!

jean teller
6/3/2011 4:00:08 PM

Cindy, Julie and Julia was great! Love the 'thud' :), and I'm with you on The Tourist. It's one I'll add to my DVD collection eventually. I saw it with a good friend, and we came to the conclusion that it was panned by U.S. critics and beloved by European critics, so something in the humor was lost coming across the Pond. LOL I thought it was great! Hmmm, I'll Rio to my list of rentals - I do enjoy those animated marvels. I'm kind of on the fence about Salt, and I agree with you completely on Inception - excellent movie. Have you see Source Code? Kind of reminded me of Inception. My philosophy is to just enjoy the movie, whether it be at the theater or at home, so Enjoy!

jean teller
6/3/2011 3:54:38 PM

Robyn, thanks for commenting. Sounds like we're on the same page regarding 3D - plus I just can't go along with the extra $. Harry Potter is a must-see - I'll be seeing a week or two after it opens with a friend from Kansas City. We've seen every single one, so we can't break that string! Isn't Netflix a wonderful thing? LOL Enjoy!

jean teller
6/3/2011 3:51:19 PM

Hi, Nebraska Dave, I may see Kung Fu Panda or X-Men this weekend too. I doubt if I make it to Transformers - it'll be a rental tho, I'm sure - but I may try to see Cars 2. And Cowboys & Aliens is a definite must-see for me. :) Thanks for stopping by!

cindy murphy
6/1/2011 7:22:39 AM

Hi, Jean. Would you believe I've actually been to the theater twice in the last few months?! To give you an idea about how rare an occurrence this is, the last time I remember seeing a movie on the big screen before this was "Julie and Julia". I took my youngest to see “Rio” – cute movie; I enjoyed it. Had to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on opening weekend. Captain Jack Sparrow with blonde highlighted dreads. OMG! Thud! (that’s me hitting the ground in a swoon) I agree – it is what it is, and it is just a fun movie with a really fun (and adorable) iconic character. Recent home viewing on DVDs included “The Tourist”, again with Depp (I swear I saw Jack Sparrow running across that tiled roof in Venice; makes you wonder how much acting Depp is actually doing with that slightly feminine but oh-so-sexy swagger) and Angelina Jolie. I liked it despite the less-than-favorable reviews, though the ending was predictable. I saw “Salt” with Jolie too; another one I liked, (can you tell I like action movies, with a healthy dose of romance in them?). “Inception” with DiCaprio was very good, I thought – a recommendation of my teenager’s; it’s one of her favorite movies. I might have seen others, but can’t remember, so I probably didn’t think much of them. Enjoy your day.

robyn dolan
5/28/2011 9:46:59 AM

Love it! One stop for concise movie reviews. Agree on the 3D - makes me dizzy, followed by headache. I don't know how people can enjoy it. For me, we'll be seeing the last Harry Potter. For the boy, Cars 2 and XMen. Others will have to wait for Netflix, only so much $. Agree with Dave, gotta have the full experience with the greasy, overpriced popcorn and all;)

nebraska dave
5/26/2011 9:22:08 PM

Jean, it's good to seen another movies post. Not a big fan of 3D, huh. I suppose bulky 3D glasses over glasses are difficult to make work. I don't usually go to the 3D versions either. It's not worth the extra money to me. I just rented "The Mechanic" and I thought it was ok, but I'm glad it only cost me a buck at the Red Box rental. Of course with a six year old in the house we HAD to go see Thor and we are Not patiently waiting for KungFu Panda. Saturday will be the big day to see it. At the AMC 24 theatre if the 11am viewing is attended it's only $4.00 each. Um yeah it's 12 bucks for the three tickets and 20 bucks for the snacks. Well, that is if you don't buy much. I usually get the snack pak which is a regular drink and a medium popcorn. Since I don't get to the theatre too often, I get the caffeinated with maximum sugar for a better tasting drink cola and drown the popcorn in the melted cholesterol riddled butter tasting liquid that probably doesn't have any butter in it. I want the full experience if I'm going to spend that much money. :0) I imagine we will be going to see Transformers and Cars 2. I really liked the first Cars and I hope the second is just as good which is not always the case. I did see the trailers for the Cowboys and Aliens when we went to see Thor and it did look like a sci-fi movie I would like. Of course I've been fooled by trailers before. I'll have to see if I can see the movies that you recommend seeing.

nebraska dave
5/26/2011 9:19:32 PM

Thank you so much for taking time out of your real world life to preview the movies. I appreciate the heads up on the duds and the advice on the ones to see at the theatre and ones to rent. It makes my movie going life a lot easier. Have a great movie going day. Well, that is if the real world doesn't interfere. :0)