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Jean and the Blogosphere

By Jean Teller, Sr. Assoc. Editor

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Last July, when GRIT launched its new website, and writing a blog was added to our editorial duties, my little heart skipped a beat.

Me, write a blog? No way!

My cyberspace experience was limited to online searches, both personal and for work, and reading a few fan message forums. I’d even managed to post on those forums once or twice, but I was still fairly leery of the whole process. To say the least, I was a complete novice. Although, my friend and colleague Jenn Nemec told me then and continues to tell me that I know more than I think I do, and sometimes I even believe her.

Then came The Open Book, and how my life has changed!

Nowadays, my first task at work (after turning on the computer) is to check the latest posts from our great Grit bloggers, then go through the list of blogs I’ve built up since July and visit for a while.

Several of our familiar voices leave comments on my posts. You’ll notice that Cindy (A Lakeside View), Lori (News from the Nest in Rural Pennsylvania) and Debbie (As My Garden Grows) often comment. And now, Fiona (Homesteading Tales from Rowangarth Farm) has joined the fray. Many thanks for your input and encouragement, gang.

Of course, Hank, Jenn, Caleb and K.C. can often be found voicing their opinions after my posts.

While many of the blogs I visit are for my reading pleasure only, there are a couple of the bloggers with whom I’ve struck up conversations. For instance, check out Dave’s blog Luna Pier Cook. Dave talks food, and I stop in every morning to see what new culinary delight he’s spotlighting that day. We’ve exchanged comments, both on his blog and on this one, and more than a few e-mails. He’s graciously posted on our forum for the Great Potato Salad Debate, and you can find his recipe for German-Polish Oven-Roasted Potato Salad in the January/February Recipe Box, “Make the Best Potato Salad.” He surprised me by posting about it on Luna Pier Cook. And I’m counting on his help with our Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cookoff.

Luna Pier Cook

Then there’s Pop Culture Curmudgeon, AKA Jen, with whom I share a love of movies and television, particularly Supernatural on the CW. We’ve talked about the Winchester boys on several occasions, and I suspect we’ll have lots to talk about in the future. She doesn’t focus strictly on TV shows; her posts range from updates on the digital conversion to the latest salvo by Stephen King against another author to a tender treatise on the estrangement between fathers and daughters. Jen, I may not always comment, but I always read!

My other favorite haunts include The Park Bench (“a gathering place for nerdy women”), TV Squad (one of the places I enjoy reading recaps and comments on episodes), The Movie Blog (“The Official Home of Correct Movie Opinions” always offered freely and often with tongue planted firmly in cheek), Roger Ebert’s reviews and journal (I enjoy his take on movies and the world), Wil Wheaton’s WWdN: In Exile (a lot of the gaming stuff goes over my head, but his writing is so great!), the daily comic strip for Sheldon (by Dave Kellett, who also includes posts on everything under the sun), TV Gal (“Keeping the World Safe for Primetime” and other TV tidbits), and io9 (“Strung Out on Science Fiction” and “We Come from the Future”, which includes a vast array of weirdness and fun).

So there’s a glimpse into my little corner of the blogosphere. Comments welcome, as always. And don’t hesitate to visit my favorites – tell ’em Jean sent ya!

Any other blogs I need to be checking out?

jean teller
2/12/2009 4:50:55 PM

Hi, Dave! Yes, I just noticed your new site. Thanks for leaving the link. Everyone, check out the new home of the Luna Pier Cook. Pretty cool! And Dave, I'm counting on those mac'n'cheese recipes, ya hear! LOL Thanks!

jean teller
2/12/2009 4:49:35 PM

Hi, Debbie, I know what you mean about rants and raves in the blogosphere. I often just read posts - or just the headlines :) - and rarely leave a comment. I did that when I was reading message boards too. I have absolutely no problem tho, commenting on the great blogs we have here, and I appreciate each and every comment left following my little musings. Thanks!

2/11/2009 3:00:38 PM

Thanks Jean! However, I've moved my blog this week! I relocated Luna Pier Cook to and gave it a total redesign. It's not finished yed, but I do indeed intend to include Grit and Herb Companion in there somewhere. And maybe a page just for my three macaroni-and-cheese recipes ... ;-)

2/6/2009 11:53:56 AM

Jean - Thanks for the mention :-) I have to honestly say that the GRIT blogs are genuine and the knowledge these guys & gals share is priceless. I started blogging last March and noticed a whole lot of blogs full of ranting and information that really didn't pertain to me. What I have found here is experience that will truly impact my life in the future. I don't always comment but I sure do read as much as I can (and I do tend to get lost on cyberspace quite often)! I need to do a spring cleaning on all my bookmarked sites!!

jean teller
2/6/2009 11:31:47 AM

Lori and Cindy, Thanks! Lori, the photo competitions sound like fun! I probably need to cut back on the number of blogs I check out every day, I just find it fun to check in, read a graph or two and move on. Cindy, I will totally check out Mental Floss - sounds neat! I love those kinds of sites - a bit of everything, and so much fun to read!

cindy murphy
2/6/2009 10:00:02 AM

Hi, Jean. Oh, the dreaded "B" word! I've posted on a couple of message boards for years, and some of the people on them suggested I should blog, (mainly because I tend to get so long-winded in the message board posts!), but it all seemed so techy, or something....something way over my lack of computer savvy. I really only had a vague idea of what a blog was until I started doing it here....and I appreciate the opportunity to do so. It's fun, and I've "met" some interesting people here through their writings. Though I didn't really have a good idea of what blogs are, there's site I've kept up with for a couplf of years - not on a daily basis, but I'll check in periodically, and read for longer than I intend to. The blogs are on the Mental Floss magazine's website. to describe Mental Floss? It's about everything and nothing at the same time. Blurbs of pop-culture information, quirky, little-known facts, and mainstream news with a twist. It's fun stuff. The blog page is at: Check it out; I bet you enjoy.

2/5/2009 6:51:30 PM

Jean, I don't look at nearly as many things as I would like to online. I have the dreaded slow dial-up connection, so it takes me awhile to look at anything. I participate in a few online photo competitions for fun. No physical prizes, just notoriety, and the fun of doing it. Checking out what everyone here is blogging about keeps my spare time pretty filled up.